• What does it cost to go to Schreiner?
    • Our Net Price Calculator was created to assist students and families who are planning on full-time enrollment. Students seeking individual course cost information should refer to our Cost of Attendance page.
  • How can I speak with an admissions counselor?
    • You can contact an admissions counselor or request information about a specific degree program. Students can meet with Admission Counselor as well. Contact an Admissions Counselor.
  • I’m an international student. How do I apply to Schreiner University?
  • I am a student athlete. How do I apply to Schreiner University?
    • The Admissions Office is notified by Athletics about every prospective student athlete and we require all athletes to go through the Freshman Applicant or Transfer Applicant process. If you are a prospective student athlete, we are aware of you and you should be working with the compliance office.
  • I went to another college or university and now I want to come to Schreiner University. How do I apply?
    • Once a student leaves high school and begins college courses they must apply as a Transfer Applicant.
  • When is the best time to apply to Schreiner University?
    • Admission deadlines are posted on the application checklists. Schreiner admits students on a rolling basis as applications are completed and all supporting documents are received. Once a pathway, term or major is full, we will no longer admit students to that major, term or pathway. Students can apply for admission online at any time.
  • What can you tell me about your accounting major?
    • Schreiner University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a major in Accounting. Please visit our Accounting Major for more information.
  • Do I need a transcript to transfer?
  • How do I apply? Bachelors, Graduate, Nursing, MBA, Education, Teachers Certification
    • You can apply on our website. It only takes a few minutes! Apply Now
  • Can I enroll online?
    • Yes, you can enroll online, but you must apply first. Apply Now
  • Do you have sororities and fraternities (Greek Life)?
  • I have forgotten my username or password for my account. How can I log back in to complete my application?
  • How do I know items have been received?
  • Do you have information on Seniors Auditor Classes?
  • What rank or GPA do I need to be in order to get admitted to Schreiner?
  • What majors does Schreiner have?
  • How Do I Submit My Vaccine Information?
    • Health records can be submitted by emailing to health@schreiner.edu or fax to 830-217-3568.
      Health history forms can be completed through the students Schreiner One account and submitted online. Required for all incoming new students.Contact Info:
      Health Records
      Phone: 830-792-7278
      Email: Health@Schreiner.edu
  • I have paid my commitment deposit. What should I do now?
    • Register for orientation on your Schreiner One (Opens February 1 for fall semester)
      • When you register for orientation, you will list your course preferences and we will create your schedule so you can enjoy the rest of your senior year!
    • Sign up for housing or if you qualify, complete the commuter form, on your Schreiner One account (Opens February 1 for fall semester)
    • Complete your Health History Form on your Schreiner One account – DUE August 1st
    • Submit your Meningitis Vaccination record to health@schreiner.edu – DUE August 1st
    • Submit your final high school transcripts – DUE by the first day of classes
    • Submit any dual credit transcripts or AP scores BEFORE orientation
    • Complete your financial aid on your Schreiner One – DUE by August 1st
    • Set up a payment arrangements for any remaining balance – DUE by August 1st