Core Values

The Schreiner Institute Military Academy Preparatory School Core Values are Self-Discipline, Integrity, Motivation, Attentive, Productivity, and Service. MAPS inspires and equips leaders of character. The five military academies demand cadet candidates be committed to the ideals of duty and honor to our nation. During our 11-month program, the behavior and character of the cadet candidate will be modified and developed, respectively.

Self-Discipline is a mindset with the ability to control feelings and emotions to motivate and to overcome weaknesses in the pursuit
of truth despite temptations to abandon it.

Integrity is the quality of being honest with strong moral principles and the state of being
whole – unbroken and undivided – in attitude and beliefs.

Motivation is the process of individual intense direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. Internal factors causing external actions is about choice, effort and persistence.

Attentive is being mindful, observant, and focused on positive action toward others.

Productivity is the execution of an action, task, or function while applying knowledge, skills and abilities. It is the ideal accomplishment of a goal, an aspiration, or an objective benefitting everyone involved.

Service is the voluntary action of helping others. Give to others unconditionally without expecting to receive. Overall life satisfaction is increased when you serve others.


The MAPS academic curriculum prepares cadet candidates for meeting the demands of an academy appointment.  Through a dynamic and integrated academic schedule—with an intentional balance of physical sciences, humanities, and social science—MAPS cadet candidates will prepare to be able to respond effectively to a changing technological, social, political, and economic world.  The MAPS academic program is designed to develop versatile, creative, and critical thinkers.  Professional and ethical challenges will confront them throughout their military careers.  Students must interact with their environment in order to adapt and learn.

John Dewey, an American educator in the early twentieth century, believed students learn pragmatically, through a hands-on approach.  Dewey stated: “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”  At Schreiner Institute, we believe in lifelong learning, and our cadet candidates will be well prepared for an academy appointment.  

Community and Culture

Community is a group of people sharing the same vision and values—a social unit with common interests, needs, norms, values, and identity.

Those who are members of the Schreiner Institute community believe self-discovery is essential to learning.

Schreiner Institute understands that you as a cadet candidate feel valued, are happier, more loyal, and more productive if you have a strong sense of serving a cause much bigger than the self.

Significant change begins when a cadet can assess who they are now and can envision who they want to become.  These are turning points in the trajectory of one’s personal development. When these turning points occur, you must look for your purpose and passion.  At Schreiner Institute, we define this as your WHY in life.  Most of you have received a rejection letter from an academy.  You must not allow yourself to be identified by this event in your life.   It is a turning point.  You have a vision in life to become a military officer for the United States of America.  Your vision creates the desire to serve.  When you come to Schreiner Institute as a cadet candidate with that vision and desire, get organized, start planning, preparing and expecting to earn your appointment – you will be successful.

The Vision and Mission

Vision Statement:  Schreiner Institute Military Academy Preparatory School seeks to be a global recognized leader providing a character-based, university education while improving the preparedness and well-being of cadet candidates for military service, while giving cadet candidates hope for a life of meaning, success, and purpose. MAPS will be accessible to cadet candidates desiring to serve in the military, being nationally recognized as the best value military preparatory school, being a leader in the delivery of individual student learning support services, and increasing scholarships opportunities to make preparatory school higher education more affordable.

Mission Statement: Schreiner Institute Military Academy Preparatory School’s mission is to inspire and to equip cadet candidates for the United States Military Service Academies where they will become commissioned officers, leaders with integrity and character, committed to the core values of duty, honor and country. Cadets are prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the United States of America.

Development of Character

Character represents the moral and mental qualities of an individual.  Honesty, responsibility, and courage are admirable qualities possessed by someone with character.  The six pillars of character are trustworthy, respect, responsibility fairness, caring and citizenship.

The Choose to Win mentorship program, based on the philosophy and writing of Zig Ziglar (1924–2012), is part of the curriculum offered by the Schreiner Institute Military Academy Preparatory School. Ziglar is considered one of the greatest motivators, teachers, and success mentors in history.  His message of encouragement and investment of his life in helping others made a positive impact in millions of lives around the world.  Kenneth O’Neal, the Coordinator of the Military Academy Preparatory School and a Legacy Certified Ziglar coach, teaches the Choose to Win curriculum.  This program will transform the life of the cadet candidate one choice at a time. It begins with your desires and WHY you want to serve as an officer in the United States military. We believe you must understand life is a journey to create Legacy. It has been said, “inheritance is what you leave TO someone.  Legacy is what you leave IN someone.” Achieving an appointment to an academy requires the right mindset, the right strategy, and the right actions.  You can achieve a well-balanced successful life and leave a Legacy to survive through eternity.   You can apply this philosophy to your life work and your personal life to achieve success.  This is paramount in earning an appointment to one of the five military service academies.

Deville, Shannon

Shannon Deville
Director of Schreiner Institute
Academic Affairs

Deville, Shannon

Shannon Deville
Director of Schreiner Institute
Academic Affairs