Grants and scholarships, commonly referred to as “gift aid” is free money that can be used to help pay expenses for your education. The money can come from a variety of places – federal or state governments, Schreiner University, or miscellaneous outside sources.

Schreiner University offers all three versions: merit based aid, need based aid and performance based aid. In this way, we insure that every student has the capability of receiving some form of “free money” to help pay for their education.

In additional to institutional programs, we offer an outside scholarship program where our Financial Aid office actively works with students applying for outside scholarships.

The AAUW Hill Country Scholarship award(s) are awards for women engaged in/accepted into graduate study and whose residence is in Kerr, Gillespie, Bandera, Kendall, or Kimball counties in Texas. Awards are based on academic work, honors and awards, commitment to your field of study, and activities in the community or your chosen field.

Deadline: January 21, 2020 | HOW TO APPLY

Transfer students from the Alamo College System are eligible to receive $1000 per year/4 years. Full time undergraduate students only. Tuition specific.
$500 per year.  Selected annually via application process.

Prize $1000

To check eligibility and to find out more please visit: Bestazy Inspiring Innovation Scholarship

Fearlessness isn’t the absence of fear, but rather the ability to embrace being deeply afraid and choose to risk anyway. Our scholarship was started with a simple objective: invest in and develop leaders with the courage to challenge themselves in ways they never thought possible.

$2000 – Deadline: January 1, 2020 | HOW TO APPLY

To inspire your creativity we’re giving away a $1000 scholarship to the most creative, innovative and unique project that uses a magnifier lamp. You can use any medium you want. It can be a sewing project, paint, your hobby, electronics, you name it.

$1000 – Deadline: December 31, 2019 | HOW TO APPLY

To inspire you we’re giving away a $500 scholarship to the most creative essay written on the topic “What lights you up about STEM”? The winner of the scholarship will receive the $500 and will be featured on our website.

$500 – Deadline: December 31, 2019 | HOW TO APPLY

Students that are ranked in the top 10% of their graduating class will be entitled to receive an additional $1,000

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Federal Pell Grant
Federal need-based funds up to $5,730 per year. Requires annual FAFSA application/approval.

Federal Supplemental Equal Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
Federal need-based award up to $4000 per year. Limited funding.

Teach Grant
Up to $4,000 per year for students accepted into the Teacher Education undergraduate program or the Master’s of Education program.

Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG)
Need-based funds for Texas residents-up to $4,875 per year based on availability. Students receiving TEG are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA and complete at least 24 credit hours each academic year.

The Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program is open to underrepresented, low-income and first-generation college-bound students.

$5000 – Deadline March, 14th 2020 | HOW TO APPLY

STEM Teacher Graduate Scholarships

The AFCEA Educational Foundation is offering competitive based scholarships of $2,500 each to students actively pursuing a graduate degree or credential/licensure for the purpose of teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) subjects at a U.S. school in grades K-12. The scholarships are made possible by generous contributions from ManTech International and AFCEA International.

$2,500  – Deadline April, 10th 2020 | HOW TO APPLY

$7,000 per year.  Selected annually via application/interview process. Tuition Specific.
Amount varies. Available to students in Kerr County and those surrounding Kerr County. Requires annual submission of FAFSA/TASFA to determine need. Funds are limited. Tuition specific.

New York attorneys at Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. strive to bring the highest quality of service and ethics to every case. Following this mission, we are pleased to announce our Impact on the Community Scholarship. We would like to recognize someone who has devoted their time to improving someone else’s life in their community by awarding them a $1,000 scholarship.

$1000 – Deadline: June 30th, 2020 | HOW TO APPLY

These awards range from $12,000-$20,000

  • Honor Scholar
  • Trustee
  • Presidential Scholar
  • Deans Scholar
  • Mountaineer
  • Presbyterian Heritage Grant
  • Schreiner Grant
  • Alamo college transfer scholarship
  • Ambassador scholarship
  • Hatton W. Sumners
  • Hill Country College Fund
  • Resident Advisor Room and Board
  • Rollins
  • Young Scholarship

Our team at Inquivix has decided to offer scholarship worth $1000 to individuals who are in colleges or universities and those students planning on attending college or graduate school in the near future.

$1000 – Deadline: December 31, 2019 | HOW TO APPLY

iVein® Health and Wellness Scholarship – to reward students who are committed to a lifetime of healthy habits.

$2,500 – Fall Deadline August 31st, 2019 | Spring Deadline December 31st ,2019 | HOW TO APPLY

Lalco Residency Scholarship Program

$500 – Deadline: May 31st 2020 | HOW TO APPLY

The $500 scholarship is offered to students who attend an accredited college or university and who have an interest in working to make the medical field better for all patients.

$500 – Deadline July 31st, 2020 | HOW TO APPLY

This scholarship fund was established in 2013 by family and friends of Coach Lozano. The scholarship is given annually to a graduating high school senior athlete.

$2500 – Deadline February 10th 2020 | HOW TO APPLY

Students are able to apply for our $2,000 scholarship which can be used towards tuition for their next semester at college.

$2000 – Deadline July 31st 2020 | HOW TO APPLY

Award: $1000 – Deadline December 31st 2019


The Bi-Annual Veteran Recognition Scholarship.

We will begin accepting applications for our Spring 2020 scholarship in December 2019.

$1000 – View Deadline & Application Information

To view the Presbyterian mission scholarship list please visit:

Award: $1000 – Deadline December 31st 2019


Amounts vary by Residence Hall assignment. Selections made annually via application process.
Amounts vary depending upon Student Senate and leadership position held. Chosen via student body election annually.

The Sam and Helen R. Walton Award Nomination Form

To learn more please visit:

Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship

Young people spend an average of 7.5 hours a day consuming media–and this doesn’t include computer use for schoolwork–according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. With technology always at the ready at your fingertips, it can be a challenge to unplug. But taking a break from technology is healthy for both the mind and body.

The purpose of this scholarship is to help you understand the negative effects of too much screen time.

$1,000 – Deadline January 30, 2020 | HOW TO APPLY

Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship

Do you know how far you will drive on the freeway if you take your eyes off the road for five seconds, the average time it takes to send a text? An entire football field.

According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting while driving makes drivers 23 times more likely to get into a “safety-critical event.”

The purpose of this scholarship is to help you understand the risks of texting while driving.

$1,000 – Deadline September 30, 2019 | HOW TO APPLY


The scholarship bursary totals $1,000. It is granted to one applicant per year and must be used to cover learning-related expenses.

$1000 – Deadline: March 31st 2020 | HOW TO APPLY


  • Shooting Sports
  • Wrestling
  • Equestrian
  • Esports
  • Band
  • Bass Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Riflery

Please visit to view available Veteran Scholarships and how to apply.

1 Award – $5,000 | HOW TO APPLY

1 Award – $1,000 | HOW TO APPLY

George and Fay Young Foundation sponsors two undergraduate students from their sophomore to senior years, based on specific criteria including major. Students eligible to apply for the $20,000 scholarship will be notified by invitation.

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