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Schreiner Former Students Association

Alumni (anyone who has received a degree or certificate from Schreiner College or Schreiner University from 1984 onward) and Former Students (anyone who received credit from Schreiner Institute or Schreiner College pre-1984) are automatically a LIFETIME MEMBER of the SFSA. There is no payment of dues for former students to be a member.

Benefits to SFSA Members:

  • Use of the Mountaineer Fitness Center (MFC) for members only.
  • Free attendance at MFC Group Fitness Classes for members only.
  • Free use of the University pool for members only. (Guest passes available for purchase.)
  • Free admission to all Schreiner home sporting events.
  • No cost check out of kayaks, canoes, camping equipment, etc.
  • Participation in special leagues and events at the discretion of the director of campus recreation, but may not participate in intramural leagues.
  • Access to library resources including books & databases, Hill Country special collection, computers, printing, materials checkout, and research assistance.
  • 20% discount on all facility rental fees. (Does not include catering fees.)
  • 10% discount at the University Bookstore.

Aaron Yates, SU 2007

1st Vice President
Tony Capella, SI 1969

2nd Vice President
Richard Coronado, SU 2003, 2013

Immediate Past President
Heather Lee Green, SU 2008

At Large Members:

Erin Kay Abel, SC 1990

Travis Arreaga, SU 2005

Kenneth Bethune, SU 2005

Mary Yruegas Canales, SC 1998

Luis Flores, SI 1972

Jacky Franklin, SI 1970

Claire Lanham Hartman, SC 1986

Cathy Carden Henry, SI 1964

Christopher Looney, SU 2019

Chris Moralez, SC 1990

Ken Murray, SI 1963

Benjamin Peterek, SC 1999

Taylor Scogin, SU 2007

Alessandra Vaccaro, SU 2019

Arthur Wavell, SC 1984

Krissy Schwarz Whittington, SC 1984

The SFSA Board is composed of the following members:
1) Officers: President, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President
2) The Immediate Past President
3) Board members-at-large (up to 5 representatives from each decade) 1950’s- 2010’s

If you are interested in serving on the SFSA Board, please contact us at alumni@schreiner.edu.