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There is something going on almost every day of the week that can connect you with God and other students while here at Schreiner University. Come visit us at the Junkin Campus Ministry Center.

There are groups on campus representing a variety of different faiths. If you feel there is not a group that meets your needs, you can start a new group by contacting Rev. Charlie Hornes at 830-792-7274

Connect: @campusministrysu

Campus Ministry Worship

Through the Purposeful Lives initiative, students will engage in experiences that will enrich their academic, personal, and spiritual growth through service and reflection. As students continue in their studies at Schreiner, the Office of Purposeful Lives will offer co-curricular opportunities as well as service opportunities outside of the classroom so that students have an integrated understanding of their community and the role they can play in serving others. These opportunities lend themselves to building students’ civic responsibility, social awareness, and personal values long after they leave Schreiner to positively impact the world.

For more information please contact:
Rev. Charlie Michele Hornes
Campus Minister &
Coordinator of Purposeful Lives

Located in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, Schreiner University is related by covenant to the Presbyterian Church (USA) and offers a unique program to prepare leaders in all denominations to serve Christ.

The Christian Vocations Intern Program (CVIP) provides opportunities for the University and congregations to be partners in developing professional leadership for the Church.

The Christian Vocations Intern Program is an undergraduate program that seeks to integrate and supplement the students’ major fields of study with academic courses and field-based service related to their vocations as servants of Jesus Christ.

Students take at least 12 semester hours of in-class course work, plus one or two field-based courses.

The CVIP focuses on:

  • excellence in student leadership and preparation
  • enhancement of student learning through application of classroom studies to real life settings
  • clarification of theological and spiritual aspirations in relation to career goals
  • spiritual formation and service within worshipping communities of Christians

The Schreiner University Christian Vocations Intern Program is designed to create, nurture, and maintain collaborative partnerships between Schreiner University and pastors, Christian educators, local congregations, and denominational governing bodies. In addition, it provides students with opportunities to explore God’s call to a Christian vocation through serving Christ’s Church while still in college.

This program also promotes spiritual development, academic success, and personal growth of students.

Areas of study might include:

  • Youth Ministry
  • Church Music
  • Camp Directors
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Church Management
  • Church-based Childcare


Rev. Charlie Michele Hornes
Rev. Charlie Michele Hornes
Campus Minister