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Welcome to the Schreiner University Department of Music!

A talented and student-focused music faculty and the beautiful new Summerlin Music Building are here for you whether you wish to major in music, or want to keep making/learning music as a part of your college life in any major. Schreiner University offers grants and scholarships to majors and non-majors who participate in our ensembles.

For students of any major, the music department offers outstanding programs in band, orchestra and choir; and, students of any major may enroll for private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, and all band/orchestra instruments. Peruse our music department area websites below for more information.

For students who wish to major in music, we offer the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree, and, for students desiring to be director/teachers of music in band, choir, elementary, and orchestra, the Minor in Teacher Certification provides a path to the rewarding and in-demand profession of music education.

Please visit the beautiful Schreiner University campus! We have Schreiner Saturday events throughout the year where you can experience a taste of campus life and meet our talented faculty and students. More information is here:

Please fill out the form below to help us connect with you and provide further information. You may also email the music faculty directly from any of the music web pages below.

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