The program, Songkeeper’s mission is to create a secure and supportive atmosphere for students to develop their original music and perform their pieces live with an audience.

The goal is to find enthusiastic individuals who have a passion for music (all academic majors are welcome!) who want to move beyond being a hobbyist. Students will acquire a level of proficiency in their songwriting.

Welcome Jacobi Caldwell, new Songkeeper at Schreiner University!

Jacobi Caldwell, Songkeepers Coordinator at Schreiner University, earned her Bachelor of Music, String Emphasis, Cum Laude from the University of South Carolina. Primarily a violist and orchestra conductor by trade, she has enjoyed performing a wide variety of music on both commercial and classical platforms as a player, writer, and collaborator. Other instruments studied include the violin, cello, and voice in the musical theater and singer-songwriter style. She has performed with national artists such as Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett, Shirley Jones, Judy Collins, and Atlantic Recording Artists, Jump, Little Children. She has also performed with solo artists Michael Lille, Tom Prasado-Rao, Johnsmith, Kevin McCormick, Jonathan Moody, Bill and Mary Muse, Award winning New Mexican songwriter Ramsey Scott, Caroline Aiken and Rene’ Russell.

She has studied orchestral conducting, arranging and composition with Dr. David Rudge and Dr. Wesley Lowe in addition to her music studies. Her private viola teachers included Dr. Donald Portnoy, Dr. Jack Bauer, and Anna Graham Wood. Caldwell was accepted to participate in the University of South Carolina Conductor’s Institute for three consecutive years after rigorous and competitive auditions.

Caldwell began her orchestral teaching career with a private lesson studio at the age of fifteen, the USC String Project, and the South Carolina Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Following graduation from the university, she enjoyed teaching in an inner-city South Carolina school district, and helped establish the brand-new string program. Following this Ms. Caldwell pursued performing professionally and was offered several wonderful ongoing jobs performing commercially.

She has been a full-time member of the Asheville Symphony, the Kingsport Symphony, the Charlotte Philharmonic, and the Spartanburg Symphony, in addition to substituting with various orchestras and contract groups in the Southeastern US. Playing and recording for Atlantic records was a highlight during her performing career as the process allowed for so much more expression and independence from the artists during sessions.

Joining Schreiner University as the Songkeepers Coordinator is a profound honor for Ms. Caldwell. Helping students write and perform their own original songs in a safe and encouraging environment will be at the heart of the program. Advanced students will have many opportunities to write, perform, and record at Schreiner’s state-of-the-art recording studio.


Jacobi Caldwell
Jacobi Caldwell
Songkeeper Coordinator