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Schreiner University offers courses leading to a major in Music within the Bachelor of Arts degree program. Expertise in music is a constant source of enrichment throughout life. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music would allow students to teach private lessons, direct a church ministry music program, work in public/private school systems directing a choral program or teaching elementary music or general music on the post-elementary level, and would prepare students for graduate work in music. The minor in Music program should also equip a student to be involved in a church’s music ministry program, and perhaps to teach private lessons. Recognizing that music has been an integral part of life since the dawn of human history, the Schreiner University Music Department offers an opportunity for students to enrich their association with music by increasing their understanding of the art through academic courses and through performance instruction and venues.

Schreiner University provides majors for the following areas: piano, voice, organ, harp, guitar, and violin. Applied lessons for other instruments will depend on adjunct faculty availability. Please contact the Music Department for further information. For any incoming students wishing to begin a Music major degree, an audition is required. These auditions will be held during the Schreiner Saturday events or by sending a tape or CD recording of the students’ performance to the Admission Office. For audition requirements, please contact the Music Department Director.

A major in music includes:

  • MUSC 1304, 1305
  • MUSC 1102, 1113, 2102, 2103, 2106, 2107, 3103
  • 6 hours MUSC 1110, 1111, 2105 or 4105
    • Plus 24 advanced hours: MUSC 3104, 3109 – (6 hours) MUSC 3301, 3302, 3305, 3307, 4399

Specialty Minor

Youth Educational Opportunities

Program Coordinator

Crandall, Don

Don Crandall
Don Crandall, DMA
Professor of Music
Academic Affairs

Classes Taught
MUSC 1105: Applied Piano
MUSC 1110: Sight-Singing & Ear Training I
MUSC 1111: Sight-Singing & Ear Training II
MUSC 1203: Piano Fundamentals
MUSC 1304: Music Theory I
MUSC 1305: Music Theory II
MUSC 2105: Piano Proficiency
MUSC 3105: Adv. Applied Piano
IDST 1101: Freshman Seminar
IDST 3260: Aesthetic Experience


  • Doctor of Musical Arts
    University of Texas at Austin
  • Master of Music
    New England Conservatory
  • Bachelor of Music
    Ithaca College


  • Symphony of the Hills Orchestra
  • Harry and the Hightones (swing band)


  • Recipient of the Margaret Hosler Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2000

One of Dr. Crandall’s passions in life is driving his motorcycle through the Hill Country roads in Texas. When he is not on his bike or playing with the Hightones, you may find Dr. Crandall in the gym lifting weights. “But most of all, I enjoy teaching the discipline of music to my Schreiner students.” He began teaching at SU in 1997.

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