The Student Government Association is the Schreiner student governing body, created jointly by faculty and students during the session of 1929-1930. The Student Government Association stands to represent the student body of Schreiner University as explained in its mission statement:

  1. Foremost, the purpose of this organization shall be to represent the student body of Schreiner University. The Student Government Association stands to promote the general welfare, protect the rights, and voice the opinions of the student population.
  2. As students of Schreiner University, we further stand to serve and promote the best interests of our University as a whole. In this interest, we will promote cooperation and partnership among the students, student organizations, and the university faculty, staff, and administration.
  3. Serving the student body, we will communicate their concerns to appropriate university committees and the university’s administration. We will review and make recommendations on matters affecting this, our university’s community.
  4. The Student Government Association stands to promote and enhance the student life of this university. In this interest, we will serve to sponsor and facilitate programs and services.
  5. In serving Schreiner’s and the general community’s interest, the Student Government Association stands to foster education, learning, service, and leadership.
  6. The Student Government Association strives to perpetuate and grow the University through all of the above actions so future students will benefit from the Schreiner Promise.

The student body elects the Student Government Association’s officers during annual elections held in the spring term, with elections for Freshman Class and vacancies being held in the fall. Representatives from the Student Government Association serve on numerous committees including Academic Affairs, Admissions, Library and Technology, Diversity and others. Senate executive officers represent the student body at Board of Trustees functions and other University events.

Student Government Association meetings are held on Monday’s at 8:00 PM in the River Room. On October 30th and November 27th, we will be meeting in Ballroom 3 at 8:00 PM. Please come and speak during the open floor portion of our meetings.