Schreiner University is here to help all students interested in pursuing a college education. From current high school students to those who already have a Bachelor’s degree, Schreiner University is the place for you.

Select the type of student that best describes you:

Auditor & Senior Auditor
Auditor or Senior Auditor

Auditors and senior auditors are students who are interested in taking classes for knowledge rather than credit. Class choices are limited.

Post Baccalaureate

Post-Baccalaureate students are interested in pursuing a second bachelor’s degree.

Public Health Master’s Accelerated 4+1
Public Health Master’s Accelerated

This program provides a direct line for students in the baccalaureate programs in public health and health professions to enroll in and complete their master’s coursework over the course of five years, as opposed to the traditional four years of undergraduate and two years of graduate studies.

Vocational Nursing

Schreiner University’s Vocational Nursing program is a one year program, held from January to December. Students participating in the program will participate in all required coursework necessary to receive their VN certification.

Summer School
Summer School

Schreiner University offers summer sessions making it possible for transfer and current undergraduate students to economically earn additional credit hours. Catch up, stay on track or get ahead this Summer.

Transient Students

Transient students are students who are enrolled at another institution but want to take courses at Schreiner University and transfer credit back to that institution.

Dual Credit and Co-Enrollment
Dual Credit and Co-Enrollment

Dual credit and co-enrolled students are current high school students looking to receive college credit before receiving their high school diploma.


Students who want to attend part-time for enrichment purposes. Official transcripts from all schools attended are required. Acceptance is valid for only one term or as long as enrolled in consecutive terms.