The federal government, state of Texas and Schreiner University provide programs for students to work while they are enrolled in school. Part time work-study positions are available both on and off campus to eligible students.

How do you know if you are eligible?

The Office of Financial Aid must award work-study to a student. Students must then apply for various positions through the Meaningful Work Office. The award does not guarantee a position. Students must interview and obtain a job before they are paid an hourly wage. Checks are cut bi-weekly to students based on approved time sheets.

Whether you are an incoming freshman or a current student, if you were not awarded work-study and would like the opportunity to work on campus, contact the financial aid office.

Step 1: Complete your Handshake profile:

  • Upload your resume (If you need help with your resume, contact the Office of Meaningful Work).
  • Upload a completed Work-Study application form (accessible on the Schreiner One homepage under Campus Resources). [NOTE: Download the Work-Study application form and reopen it in Adobe Acrobat to type directly into the form and sign using your digital signature.]

Step 2: Search and apply for jobs on Handshake. [NOTE: Filter your job search by On Campus Student Employment] Work-Study supervisors will contact you to arrange job interviews.

Step 3: Once you have a job offer, you must attend mandatory Payroll Orientation with the Human Resources Team. Training is conducted every Wednesday and Thursday from 2:00 – 3:30 pm in the Human Resources Office (in the Gus Schreiner Bldg. across from the Diner).


Other Job Opportunities on Campus:

Off-campus job opportunities are available through our Career Development Office which provides JOBSFORMOUNTAINEERS – listings of entry-level professional jobs, internships, and summer employment. You can upload your resume and send it off to employers who are looking for candidates like you!

Community Internship Program (CIP): Applications are taken in the spring of each year for assignments during the summer. Students work at local non-profit organizations and receive a $1200 scholarship during the following fall semester. Watch your email for notification.

LSS Note Takers: the LSS program will purchase notes from students in certain classes.

Peer Tutors: students are paid to tutor other students on campus. Watch your email for notification.

Phone-a-Thon Workers: the Advancement office hires students to make phone calls during fund-raising drives. Watch your email for notification. These funds are paid directly to the student as part time employees of the university.


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