For incoming freshmen who have submitted their FAFSA to Schreiner University and are still worried about affording Schreiner,

Please know there are options!

Financial Aid Appeal – if Schreiner University is your top school but you just don’t know how you’ll afford it, let’s talk and see what we can do. Simply email an explanation of your financial situation along with why you think Schreiner is the place for you to our Financial Services Office, and we can reevaluate your financial aid awards and see if there is any additional aid you may qualify for.

Special Circumstances – a LOT has changed these past 2 years. When you complete the FAFSA, they ask for your 2019 tax information. But what if something (or a lot of things) have changed since then, financially, with your family? Complete a Special Circumstances form and we will update your FAFSA so that you may qualify for more Federal Financial Aid that better fits where you are today!

Work Study – there are federal funds available for students who want to work on campus while going to school. If you there is no work-study option on your financial aid award letter and you are interested in this option, please let our Financial Services Office know and we will update your award letter with your options.

Merit Scholarships – did you know we base our scholarship offerings on your involvement during high school that you listed on your application? We value GRIT and hard-working students, so we base our merit scholarships on YOU, not just your GPA and test scores. If you left off some information during the application process or have gotten more involved since you applied, you can submit a resume, updated list of activities, or even an essay describing your involvement to your admission counselor or to anytime.

Involvement Scholarships – not only do we value students who are involved during high school, but we believe you will be more successful in your education by being involved during college as well. We offer an ADDITIONAL $1,000 scholarship to students who join a Learning Community or participate in a Varsity Program. Fill out the Learning Community form, let the coordinator know you want to join, and you’ll receive the extra $1,000 to your student account.


Contact Us

We would be happy to answer any of your questions!

Special Events

Scheduled events such as Schreiner Saturdays offer a variety of information sessions led by faculty, admissions staff, and students to allow prospective students to see what Schreiner University has to offer.

Daily Events

You will have the opportunity to experience campus on a tour led by a current student as well as meet with a faculty member and one of our admissions team members to talk about your application, scholarships and financial aid! Tours are available Monday through Friday at 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM.