Student Achievement

Schreiner University identifies and evaluates the success of students (i.e. student achievement) using a broad range of criteria, consistent with the mission of the institution and guided by the Office of Academic Support and Student Outcomes. These identified measures are evaluated on an ongoing basis and published regularly on the institution’s external website, promoting a transparent profile of the institution to all of its students, parents of students, faculty, staff, and board of trustees.

Inherently, student success remains at the core of the mission of Schreiner University; however, the way in which student success and student achievement are defined is not limited to one source or value, nor is it limited to a specific group of students (e.g. only the incoming Freshman cohort).


Student success measures at Schreiner University are connected to the mission and goals of the institution. These institutional goals are defined through a collection of statements from the most recently adopted and approved Strategic Plan 2023. Noted below, the collection of statements articulates the institution’s distinctiveness, purpose, and values which drive student achievement measures.

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