Letter from the Schreiner Parents Association

Dear Prospective Mountaineer Parent/s,

You and your child are at such exciting crossroads of life.  Many choices/paths lie ahead of you and this can seem quite daunting.  We ALL want the best for our kids!

You should find a sense of relief as your path has you and your child looking into and considering Schreiner. Schreiner is the right place to be and here are a few reasons why:

  • The academics are solid, leading up to great opportunities for practical experience.
  • The “no surprises” finance plan makes expenses predictable. With no hidden costs for tuition, books, and technology fees, we’ve never gotten a “Hey Mom/Dad” call to send money for extra fees, books, or food.  Well, maybe money for eating out!
  • Tuition costs are stable as long as your student meets all the milestones to graduate on time.
  • Flexible work-study and part-time job options keep ongoing expenses manageable.
  • Sports and clubs offer many options to get involved and stay active on campus and in the community.

As members of the Schreiner Parents Association (SPA) you will feel even more connected to campus.  You can find out what’s going on week to week throughout the semester and reach out to other parents and school administrators if you feel the need.  Therefore, don’t be shy as your connection is encouraged here at Schreiner.

As a prospective Mountaineer family, hopefully you too are already feeling welcomed and supported. If you have any questions as you seek the best place for your student to grow, reach out to the SPA. You can “like” us on Facebook and send us a message, even if it’s just to say “hi!”…we’re here for you.


Mack and Sherri Streety - Signature

Mack and Sherri Streety
Parents of Zach, Class of 2021

If you like to become a member of the Schreiner Parents Association (SPA) please visit our registration page.