Alumni Recognition and Awards

Each year we recognize Schreiner Alumni for their outstanding contributions to our Schreiner and surrounding communities. Alumni are recognized in three areas.

The Athletic Hall of Honor

Individuals, that participated in sports while attending the institution, that have distinguished achievements following their time at Schreiner.

Distinguished Alumni

Recognition of Alumni with Distinguished professional career and experience.

Purposeful Lives Service Award

The (Schreiner Former Students Association) “SFSA Purposeful Lives Alumni Award” recognizes Schreiner University’s recent alumni who have substantially impacted their communities through meaningful service and purposeful engagement, embodying what it truly means to hail from a faith-based institution and to be “Uniquely Texan”.

Recognition of Alumni that have graduated in 2003 or after, that have recognized service to the Schreiner and surrounding Communities.

Previous Recognized Recipients

Purposeful Lives Alumnus

Kenneth Bethune ’05 – Kenneth is an entrepreneur and attorney. He currently resides in Beeville, Texas with his wife and children. Kenneth has played an active role in his community, serving on the board of local schools and volunteering time to coach volleyball and serve as a role model for area youth. In 2019, Kenneth opened a distillery business in the Beeville Community as a means to offer employment support and economic opportunity to the area. Kenneth has also played a key role with the Schreiner Former Students Association, serving on the Board and also in roles as President and Vice President.

Teosha Blaylock ’04 – Since graduating from Schreiner University in 2004, and being recognized as Schreiner’s inaugural Student of the Year, Teosha has obtained her master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology. A concept to execution leader, for over fifteen years she has applied her skills to working in a nonprofit healthcare association formulating and implementing innovative plans and strategies to exceed the organizations expectations and program success. Teosha is actively engaged in connecting with the evolving needs of the community which has led her to utilize her talents volunteering with faith-based organizations, advocating for literacy and promoting civic engagement. Teosha has volunteered with West Houston Assistance Ministries in their Resale Store and Food Pantry. She was a member of the church leadership team and coordinated various service project for women within the community. She is a passionate human rights advocate that utilizes her personal and professional experience to impact societal change at the local level through service as an Election Poll Worker and Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar.

Nancy Garcia ’04 – A graduate of Schreiner University in 2004, with a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, Nancy became a certified Early Childhood-4th grade General Education Teacher in Texas. Post-graduation, she received a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Psychology from University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in August 2005. Since that time Nancy has been employed with Midway Independent School District in Woodway, Texas. Nancy has severed as an elementary level educator and has been an Educational Diagnostician for the past 13, as well as a homebound special education teacher for multiple children. Throughout her 17 years in education, Nancy has been a leader and innovator in building a bridge for students, parents, and educators to identify and support special education in individualizing learning. In addition, Nancy volunteers at her children’s schools, church, and within the community. During her time at Schreiner, Nancy also served as the founding president of the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. She was involved in the LSS program and was able to use the tools she learned through this involvement to drive her current professional success. Nancy has been married to her husband for 17 years and they have two amazing children, Layla and Pete.

Athletic Hall of Honor

Brandon CreekBrandon Creek ’01 Brandon Creek attended Schreiner University from 1998 to 2001 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science. At Schreiner, he was a baseball team member and was a 4-year starter as a second baseman, shortstop, and pitcher. He helped lead the team to the 2000 American Southwest Conference Championship – where he was named the conference tournament MVP. Brandon was a team leader and highly regarded by his teammates. He loved and respected the game and left everything he had out on the field, which earned him many accolades, including ASC Player of the Year in 2001. Brandon’s time at Schreiner led to his passion, a career in coaching where he serves as an inspiring leader and role model for all his students and athletes. His strong work ethic is passed on to the students he has coached and with whom he has built strong relationships. His coaching honors include Stony Point High School Baseball Bi-District Champions and Area Champions in 2017, Football State Semifinalists in 2009, 2010, and 2011, and Eastbay FBU All American Coach in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Rodney HollandRodney Holland ’05 – Rodney Holland attended Schreiner College from 1989 to 1994, where he excelled as a student athlete playing centerfield for the Schreiner baseball team. Playing for Coach Bob Henry, Rodney was selected as an All-American Outfielder in 1993 with a .957 fielding percentage, a batting average of .444, and led the NAIA district 4 with 47 out of 49 stolen bases. Holland, a 5’11” 175-pound speedster, boasted a 6.5-second speed in the 60-yard dash. His talent on the diamond led to his draft in the 36th round by the Cleveland Indians in 1993. Later, Rodney signed with the Chicago Cubs, where he continued to make his mark within their farm club. Rodney returned to Schreiner to complete his degree in Exercise Science in 2005. After graduating from Schreiner, Rodney stayed at his alma mater as the Assistant Baseball Coach. Rodney continues to mentor the athletes he coached at Schreiner and coaches Little League Baseball players in his hometown, New Braunfels, TX. Rodney’s work ethic and character on and off the field enable him to be an example to young athletes. Former Schreiner teammate and later head coach for Schreiner, Joe Castillo, had this to say: “Rodney was a great mentor to our team, in his instruction about the game and life. Rodney did not only teach the game to these young men, but he lived by example.”

Distinguished Alumnus


Amy Moroney
Amy Moroney
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Hoon Hall 103

Renée MooreDr. Renée Moore ’91 – Dr. Renée Moore attended Schreiner College from 1987 to 1991, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Biology and received the Elmore Whitehurst Award for Excellence in Learning. She earned her Ph.D. in Biology with specialty in Neuroscience from The University of Texas at San Antonio. In 2002, Dr. Moore started a pharmaceutical research and development company with ten offices in nine different countries. During this time, she successfully developed vaccines against contagious diseases in China, India, Argentina, Mexico, Panama and Brazil, and she was active in researching and developing new medicines for oncology, neurology and psychiatric indications. After selling her successful companies, Dr. Moore started a new business to teach and mentor young business owners. She is a skilled motivational speaker and has authored or co-authored five books. Dr. Moore’s achievements, both academically and professionally, demonstrate the kind of resilience and excellent performance that personify Schreiner University’s Distinguished Alumni.

Past Awards and Honors

Martin L. Allday† ’44
Peter W. Baldwin† ’47
David Barker ’64
Judge Robert Rhea Barton ’56
Raymond E. Berry ’51
Grady Spencer Blocker ’52
Theo Blue ’51
James B. Cain† ’41
Dr. William B. Campbell† ‘40
N. Ford Chapman, Jr.† ’28
Richard E. Cree ’67
Frank W. Denius† ‘42
Dr. Wilson Elkins† ’28
Royce Faulkner† ’49
Hugh H. Goerner† ’41
Norman Hoffman† ’37
Frank N. Ikard, Sr.† ’31
Dr. Charles “Charley” Johnson ’58
Charles H. Johnston, Jr.† ’32
Dr. Sam McDowell. Junkin ’51
Dr. John L. Kammerdiener ’57
Dr. Samuel W.T. Lanham III ’51
Richard P. Marrs, M.D. ’68
Wendell Mayes, Jr. ’42
Thomas Hulbert Miller, Jr. ’39
Dr. Kiley Miller ’00
Roy Q. Minton ’49
Park L. Myers† ’35
James E. Nugent† ’41
Harris J. Pappas ’60
Michael Pate ’71
Dr. Thomas W. Pruett ’50
Dr. Russell Scott, Jr.† ’43
Dr. Frank W. Sheppard, Jr. † ’39
The Honorable Marvin A. Singleton, MD ’60
Dr. Margaret Patricia Sullivan† ‘41
H. W. “Win” Thurber III ‘63
Joe C. Walter, Jr.† ’45

† deceased

Schreiner Former Students Association Distinguished Service Award

Schreiner Former Students Association Distinguished Service Award was created in 2005 to honor former students who have demonstrated outstanding service to, and support of, the Schreiner Former Students Association involving the contribution of time, talent and/or resources benefiting the Association and
Schreiner University.

SFSA Distinguished Service Award Recipients
Coralie Croom† ‘46
Catherine Carden Henry ‘64
Jerry E. “Gene” Marshall ’52
Captain Jack M. Stevens, USN Ret ’43
Meleah M. Siebold Nye ‘92

Albert B. “Monk” Keith† (Coach ’66-’84)
Bill E. Thompson† ’51
Brenda Niemeyer ‘81
Charles H. Johnston, Jr.† ’32
Claude R. “Chena” Gilstrap† ’35
David Barker ’64
David Lindsey Hulse ’90
Donald W. Suman, Sr.† ’38
Donald “Red” Richardson† ’51
Dr. Charles “Charley” Johnson ’58
Emmett Adolph Acker† ’53
Felicia Delgado ‘04
Fred Saunders ‘51
Gretchen Goebel Peterson ’01
H.C. “Bully” Gilstrap† (Coach ’25-’37)
H.N. “Jack” Stevens† ’24
Joe Love Hedrick† ’41
John R. “Bob” Bowmer† ’53
Ken Murray ‘66
Laurence Becker (Coach ’58-’62)
Leoni Thorne ‘81
Major William G. Gillis, Jr.† ’37
Penny Fitzpatrick ‘81
Raymond E. Berry ’51
Raymond “Red” Daniels† ’42
Reginald “Reggie” West† ’51
Rex R. Kelly† (faculty ’35 – ’52)
Richard Harben
Robert Henry, M.D.† (Coach ’82-’94)
Rogers Douglas ’52
Roland E. Ingram ’62
Stephanie Gamble ’90
Tammy Lusinger ‘90
Tim Kaman ‘90
Tom H. Ball, Jr.† ’42
Tom L. Thornhill† ‘57
Walter Schulle, Jr. ‘55
William C. “Heinie” Weir† (faculty ’37 – ’71)
William Clifford “Cliff” Kellett† ’51
William Dudley Rogers† (Coach ’67-’81)
William E. “Bill” Fox, Jr. ’60
Yasuko Yoshida ‘81

† deceased

Heath Gregory ‘01
Dr. Benny Pena ‘03
Sally Pena ‘02

† deceased