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The nursing advisory committee is composed of representatives from both the community at large and the healthcare setting. The committee meets at a minimum annually and serves as a strategic, action-oriented body sharing information and providing recommendations to ensure that the Nursing Program remains a leader in nursing education.


Serves as a strategic, action- oriented body sharing information and providing recommendations to ensure nursing student success.

2019-2020 Strategic Goals

  • Identifies potential collaborative opportunities between the Nursing Program and the broader healthcare community.
  • Communicates with key stake holders about the Nursing programs ongoing academic improvement.
  • Promote communication between nursing education and nursing practice.
  • Provides recommendations in the development of existing and future curriculum.
  • Provide input in the preparation of graduates who are qualified to provide quality health care to diverse populations in a variety of roles and settings.
  • Assist the Nursing Program in identifying and developing sources of philanthropic support.

Meeting Dates

April 28, 2021

Sparks, Wanda

Wanda R. Sparks
Wanda R. Sparks, RN, PhD
Director of Nursing
Academic Affairs
Advisory Committee Members

Advisory Meeting Minutes