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Academic Support Services / Center for Teaching and Learning

Students can find information on how to access any of the following academic support services through the “Tutoring: Student” site on their Canvas dashboard.

  • Peer Academic Success Support
  • Tutoring
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Success Coaching
  • Writing Center

Primary Contact: Amanda Thomson, 830-792-7414 | amthomson@schreiner.edu

Campus Ministry

Schreiner University Campus Ministry is committed to supporting the spiritual and emotional needs of our students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pastoral Care visits will be provided over the phone, via email and video platform. Please email kpenn@schreiner.edu to set up an appointment.

A weekly online meeting will occur for prayers, intentions, and fellowship, if you are interested in participating please email kpenn@schreiner.edu
The existing weekly programming will be moving to online platforms as fast as possible.

Follow Campus Ministry on Social Media for weekly spiritual engagement opportunities.

Instagram: @campusministrysu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/SchreinerCampusMinistry

Kelsey Penn – kpenn@schreiner.edu | 830-895-7106

Career Services

Students can contact Mr. David Reast (dreast@schreiner.edu) for help finding jobs and internships. Appointments can be arranged on Handshake by clicking on the career Center tab and then on Appointments.

Handshake – Find jobs and internships: https://schreiner.joinhandshake.com

Wendy Blaettner, Director of Schreiner Experience
wblaettner@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7212

David Reast, Coordinator of Meaningful Work
dreast@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7451

Center for Print and Digital Production

The Center for Print and Digital Production, will continue to support students with their digital assignments. We will offer consultations for both creative and digital assignments, with technical support through phone, skype or email. The CPDP can be reached at 830-792-7314 or cabarlow@schreiner.edu.

Students will continue to have access to digital resources including but not limited to Microsoft Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Canvas.

Counseling Services

The Schreiner University Counseling staff is committed to supporting the mental health needs of our students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Counseling Center will provide distance sessions for currently enrolled students via Doxy.me a Telehealth platform which provides communication by chat, audio calls or video calls. To schedule a session, email your counselor directly.

Counseling Services will continue to accept new clients. For scheduling contact kjwoods@schreiner.edu

If you are experiencing an emergency mental health crisis contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-TALK (8255)

Main Office: 830-793-7282 | counseling@schreiner.edu

Kim Woods, Director of Counseling
kjwoods@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7282

Miranda Solis – msolis@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7268

Dean of Academic Support & Student Outcomes

Dr. William Woods – wwwoods@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7425

Dean of Faculty

Dr. William Davis – wdavis@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7415

Developer of Health Professionals

Dr. Diana Comuzzie
comuzzie@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7244

Financial Services and Financial Aid

Learning Support Services and Section 504

The learning support services office will continue to support LSS and Section 504 students. We currently expect our office to be staffed during regular business hours and can be reached by phone at 830-792-7258 or e-mail jgallik@schreiner.edu.

Dr. Jude Gallik, Director
jgallik@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7257

Kim Prater, Administrative Associate – Learning Support Services; Testing Center Coordinator
kprater@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7257

Laura Forsythe, Administrative Associate Learning Support Services
lforsythe@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7256

Susie Upton, Tutor Coordinator
supton@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7377

Testing Accommodations

LSS students and Section 504 students who have been approved for extended time on exams remain eligible for double time on all on-line tests and quizzes. PLEASE WORK DIRECTLY WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR to request additional time. Be sure contact our office if you run into any problems.

LSS Tutoring

All LSS tutors will be moving to online sessions utilizing the following platforms: Email, ZOOM, SKYPE, Messenger Video, or Face Time. Please be patient as we work on training our personnel and securing equipment necessary to utilize these technologies. Tutors have been asked to contact each of their students. Tutors and tutees may wish to work from their original weekly schedules or revise in order to accommodate student requests or needs. Face-to-Face sessions will not be available for the remainder of the semester.

LSS Tutors

Rev. Dr. Ken Asel | 307-690-0311 | KAsel@schreiner.edu

Andy Bevington | 210-315-8003 | ABevington@schreiner.edu

Ellen Bolton | 830-890-0088 | EBolton@schreiner.edu

Melinda Cox | 830-739-7816 | MCox@schreiner.edu

Kaylee Culpepper | 214-493-2590 | KNCulp1665@schreiner.edu

Allison Eager | 210-793-8970 | AEage3247@schreiner.edu

Pam Edmondson | 512-665-1235 | PEdmondson@schreiner.edu

Kent Herrick | 830-377-2310, 830-257-0157 | KMHerrick@schreiner.edu

Larry Langley | 830-928-1344 | LLangley@schreiner.edu

Carol Maryan | 830-792-7168, 830-928-2511 | MCMaryan@schreiner.edu

Bill Metzger | 804-317-4460 | WMetzger@schreiner.edu

Blaise Mosmeyer | 254-421-6470 | BAMosm1824@schreiner.edu

Ralph Real | 830-928-6410 | RReal@schreiner.edu

Nathalya Snell | 210-573-5447 | NKSnel9927@schreiner.edu

Richard Soler | 281-745-6508 | RSoler@schreiner.edu

Ashton Vasquez | 832-665-4481 | AVasquez@schreiner.edu

Library Services

Logan Library will continue to offer academic resources and research assistance to students during this time of virtual instruction. Library staff are able to communicate with students by phone at 830-792-7312, Skype or email at library@schreiner.edu.

Students will continue to have access to full-text scholarly articles through our databases and nearly 200,000 academic eBooks through our eBook collection available from our website at library.schreiner.edu. Students may also continue to borrow digital resources from other institutions through our interlibrary loan service. Additionally, 24/7 research assistance is available through our AskAcademic chat service which is accessible via the Library’s website.

Any questions regarding textbook deliveries, returns or access to digital resources for courses should also be directed to library staff via email at textbooks@schreiner.edu.

Lisa McCormick, Director
lmmccormick@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7418

Erica Bell, Library Assistant
ejbell@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7317

Sarah Sides, Library Assistant
ssides@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7312

Ylanda Copeland, Technical Operations Coordinator
ycopelan@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7316

Ongoing Technical Support

Students in need of technical assistance can contact the following:

Student issues with Canvas:
Canvas Support: Student Support (1-833-564-3147), support is also available within every Canvas course page by clicking on Help.

Student technical issues with access, passwords or other challenges:
Schreiner Technology Help Desk: 830-792-7344 or helpdesk@schreiner.edu


Darlene Bannister, Registrar
bannistr@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7357

Lynette Waldon, Assistant Registrar
ldwaldon@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7441

Devon McLaughlin, Administrative Assistant
damclaughlin@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7356

Schreiner Institute

Shannon Deville
Sdeville@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7492

Schreiner Technology

830-792-7344 | Helpdesk@schreiner.edu


Kiley Miller
kpmiller@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7247

Veteran Affairs

Shannon Deville
Sdeville@schreiner.edu | 830-792-7492


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