Schreiner University’s Distribution of Federal and State COVID-19 Relief Funding to Its Students

Kerrville, TX – Schreiner University announced its distribution of state and federal relief funding for direct support to its students during the COVID-19 crisis. Below is a list of the funds the University received and how those funds were distributed to its students.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act allocated federal funds to higher education institutions and provided eligible students a student emergency grant. The purpose of these funds was to help defray extra expenses incurred because of the COVID-19 disruption. The Department of Education allowed each higher education institution to determine how to disburse these funds to eligible students.

Schreiner dispersed the funds in the following ways: first, all eligible students received a base stipend of $250. Second, using the federal government’s calculation of a student’s “estimated family contribution” (EFC) to each student’s educational expenses, additional funds were applied. Those students with a smaller EFC received a marginally larger allocation compared to those with a larger EFC. (First round of funding to students from CARES Act – $390,600.)

Next, Schreiner reserved a special fund for students who had an acute need for additional emergency-relief. These funds provided grants to students up to $2,000. The grants were limited to 100 students and were available through a simple online application. A special committee met weekly to award applications. (Second round of funding – $200,000)

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Texas Higher Education Foundation, Greater Texas Foundation, and Trellis Foundation announced that the Texas Emergency Aid Grant awarded 57 grants to Texas higher education institutions. Included were 29 community colleges, 16 public universities, and 12 independent, non-profit Texas institutions. Schreiner University was one of only 12 independent, non-profit Texas institutions to receive these funds for its students. 10 students received $1,000 each. An online application was required, and the committee met to award applications once CARES Act funding was complete. (THECB funding – $10,000)

The CARES Act funds were in addition to the refunds or credits applied to the student’s accounts that Schreiner University already issued for room and board or work fulfillment promises made to students. The following refunds or account credits began being issued to Schreiner University students on Mar 23, once the decision was made to close campus and go to virtual classes, and
was complete by Apr 3-

$1.5M – refunds to students for room and board (Spring 2020),
$100,000 – student employment to all student workers as part of a sustainability package,
$65,000 – study abroad trip deposits (both refundable and non-refundable) so that the
students were not negatively affected by cancelations out of their control

In addition, Schreiner University added the following incentives to boost the overall morale of its
students, both persisting and graduating-

$300,000 – account credits to students who clear their student account for Fall 2020
$64,000 – in credits for Fall 2020 to those who registered for fall by May 1st,
$15,000 – University purchased all academic regalia for the May 2020 graduating class
for August ceremony.

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