State House Press, Housed at The Texas Center at Schreiner University, Releases Second Book

Tempest Over Texas: The Fall and Winter Campaigns, 1863–1864

Kerrville, TX – State House Press, housed at The Texas Center at Schreiner University, has released its second book since moving to Kerrville, Tempest Over Texas: The Fall and Winter Campaigns, 1863–1864. This book is the fourth installment in Dr. Donald S. Frazier’s award-winning Louisiana Quadrille series.

Picking up the story of the Civil War in Louisiana and Texas after the fall of Port Hudson and Vicksburg, Tempest Over Texas describes Confederate confusion on how to carry on in the Trans-Mississippi given the new strategic realities. Likewise, Federal forces gathered from Memphis to New Orleans were in search of a new mission. International intrigues and disasters on distant battlefields would all conspire to confuse and perplex war-planners. One thing remained, however. The Stars and Stripes needed to fly once again in Texas—and as soon as possible.

A reviewer on the literary webpage Goodreads had this to say: “Frazier’s 4th installment of his series focusing on the Civil War in Louisiana and Texas is nothing short of spectacular. It is captivating from the first page to the last and filled with intriguing details of the often-forgotten Trans-Mississippi theater. Hundreds of books have been written about the military escapades east of the Mississippi, but Frazier is one of the few authors that does the Trans-Mississippi justice. This book does a great job of giving the reader the firsthand stories of civilians and military men of all ranks that are interwoven within the broader details of the politics and military strategy of this theater. While Frazier is very descriptive in his telling of battles and skirmishes, he is equally detailed in his pages describing the citizenry that inhabit the region and their hardships and suffering. While this particular installment only describes the fall and winter campaigns of 1863-64, Frazier doesn’t forget to include the politics and foreign policy of the Union and the Confederacy, especially the events that were taking place south of the border in the Second Franco-Mexican War and its potential impact on the American Civil War. The maps, photographs, and drawings help paint a vivid picture of what was occurring and help the reader better visualize what was occurring at the time.”

Tempest over Texas joins three other titles in Frazier’s Louisiana Quadrille series, also published by State House Press. These titles include Fire in the Cane Field: The Invasion of Louisiana and Texas, January 1861–January 1863 (2009); Thunder Across the Swamp: The Fight for the Lower Mississippi, February–May 1863 (2011); and Blood on the Bayou: Vicksburg, Port Hudson, and the Trans-Mississippi (2015).

Frazier is the Director of The Texas Center at Schreiner University and author of multiple works on Texas history. He is a Fellow of the Texas State Historical Association, a member of the Texas Philosophical Society and board member of the Texas Historical Foundation.

STATE HOUSE PRESS moved to its new location, The Texas Center at Schreiner University, this summer. It was formerly located in Austin and Abilene. The publishing imprint of The McWhiney History Education Group, State House Press is part of the Texas Book Consortium led by Texas A&M University Press and its books are available wherever books are sold.

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