Schreiner University Announces Schreiner Institute

Shannon Deville

Commitment to academy appointments, commissions and veterans

Kerrville, TX – Schreiner University president, Dr. Charlie McCormick, announced today the creation and implementation of an improved program designed to provide comprehensive support and programming for students working to receive a military academy appointment, those who wish to pursue a commission through ROTC, active duty military and veterans transitioning back into civilian life. The program will be known as Schreiner Institute – a nod to Schreiner University’s heritage and connection to the military for the entirety of its almost 100 years of existence.

“While our historical connection to the military is extraordinarily deep, our most recent commitments to preserving our military connections are just as impressive,” said McCormick.“ Over the last 15 years and in our partnership with Greystone, we have invested some $10 million dollars into educating the 413 military academy prep students who have participated in this program. With this sort of investment already built into our systems and infrastructure, we will not abandon our history and our commitment given Greystone’s departure; instead, we will continue to support students seeking service in the military and expand our program in ways we have not been able to accomplish in the past given Greystone’s singular focus. So today, I am honored to announce the creation of Schreiner Institute.”

Schreiner Institute will not only provide a pathway for those seeking an academy appointment – as was Greystone’s singular focus – but will also provide support to the active military and veterans who make up our local and regional community. Schreiner Institute will also be adding an ROTC component to provide a pathway for those students seeking a military commission.

Schreiner University has hired Mr. Shannon Deville, a veteran Marine, to launch Schreiner Institute. Additional staff will be added as the program grows. This spring, Deville is meeting individuals and organizations throughout central Texas who have an interest in these student populations, and he is acquainting himself with the variety of military support services in the area.

“As someone who has recently made the transition from active duty to attending college, I am fully aware of the challenges that this student population may face, ”said Deville.“ While we work to create a space on campus that is inviting as well as resourceful for the veteran population, I am equally excited to have the opportunity to work with individuals aspiring to one day serve in the United States military whether that be after attending a military academy or upon completion of the ROTC program.”

Schreiner Institute will occupy the L.A. Schreiner building on campus and provide residence space for students seeking appointment to a military academy, for single veterans, and for students in the ROTC program. For veterans with families, Schreiner will have limited apartments available within its existing inventory of housing options. Schreiner Institute will provide a core set of programmatic elements for all students including entrance counseling, financial aid counseling, study hall hours and support, athletic and intramural participation, leadership and communication training, and access to local and regional support networks.

Students seeking entrance into a military academy and students seeking a commission after graduation will participate in an ROTC program. Veteran students will have special access to career counseling sessions with regional professions so that their transition after graduation is seamless. All students will take coursework along with the rest of the Schreiner University student body.

While each participant will be full members of the Schreiner University family, Schreiner Institute will provide a cohort of people surrounding them who are like-minded with similar experiences, values and direction giving them a sense of unit and place. Unlike Greystone, who attracted students from all over the country who would then leave to possibly never return to the area, Schreiner Institute will provide a world-class education and groom young men and women right here in the local area for military service.

“Schreiner University is proud of its military heritage and connections, and we are proud to be taking a giant step forward in deepening and enhancing this heritage and these connections’” McCormick went on to say.“ The men and women who have served and will serve in our military are worthy of our very best efforts, and Schreiner University intends to provide them this experience of excellence every day.”

For more information on Schreiner Institute contact Shannon Deville, Director of Schreiner Institute Military Academy and Veteran Services, at or (830) 792-7492.

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