Centennial Exhibits


Signs of the Times – Richard Soler Art Exhibit

October 21st, 2022 – October 21st, 2023

Location: The Central SU Quad around the University Seal


Richard Soler – Professional Tutor for Learning Support Services

Richard Soler is a sculptor, painter, art historian and a professional tutor in the Learning Support Services of Schreiner University. He is a graduate of Princeton and Rice Universities.

The five reliefs are entitled “Signs of the Times” and illustrate concepts suggested by the 2023 Centennial Committee. These are: the hill country, history, diversity, and the future. The fifth concept was developed by Zachary Lyman ’24.

Mr. Soler’s favorite pastime is working in his studio in Ingram, Texas.


Zach Lyman – SU student, Hatton-Sumner Scholar, and Richard’s apprentice

Zachary Lyman ’24 is a Junior and Sumner Scholar majoring in Communications. He is an entrepreneur videographer, photographer, and graphic designer. His sign represents the fast-paced academic journey through college.

Richard Soler - Sculptor, Painter & Art Historian

100 Years of Schreiner University Treasures – Exhibition at Museum of Western Art

November 4th – December 16th

Standing tall and proud within the Texas Hill Country, Schreiner University has provided educational and personal growth to thousands of students throughout the past 100 years. The University’s 2022-2023 centennial year brings celebration of both the grit and resilience that lies at the heart of the University’s past, and also the boundless possibilities that lie ahead as they embark on the next 100 years.  The Museum of Western Art is proud to partner with the University for an exhibition of University Treasures from the past 100 years.

Point of Contact:

Sarah Sides

100 Years of Schreiner Treasures Exhibit
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Stories of Yesterday: Travel through the Archives of Schreiner’s Past

Past Exhibit – December 5th, 2022 – May 15th, 2023

Join Logan Library as the past comes alive through the archives left behind by Schreiner community members of the past.

Stories of Yesterday: Travel through the Archives of Schreiner's
Special thanks to our lead centennial sponsor Broadway Bank