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What are Learning Communities?

Schreiner University’s learning communities seek to help students connect in a powerful and supportive way with others who share interests and goals. Students in learning communities work closely with peers, faculty, and professional staff who are unified by a desire to make connections and have experiences in and outside the classroom central to their education. The university offers Living and Learning Communities in which students live together in a reserved dorm wing or floor as well as Learning Communities which do not entail a residential component.

Why Should I Join a Learning Community?

Students who take part in learning communities typically maintain higher GPA’s and graduate in a timelier fashion. They are more connected to the university, their faculty, and their peers. Students in Learning Communities are usually highly motivated to be successful in college, more involved on campus, make more responsible choices about their overall health and well-being, and have the opportunity to make lifelong friends. Each Schreiner University learning community is led by kind and caring faculty members — ones carefully selected because of their own passions about their learning community — who want their students to truly thrive during their college experience.

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Our Communities:

There’s a good chance you’ve heard a few things about cybersecurity in recent months. Maybe you’ve been reading about data breaches, which pose a constant threat to everyone’s data. No matter what you’ve heard, it shouldn’t be surprising if you find yourself considering a career in cybersecurity. That’s why Schreiner has started our Cyber Security Learning Community – get the benefits of a Liberal Arts education with the community of like-minded peers preparing for the expanding cyber security industry. Learn more about the Cyber Security Learning Community.

A living and learning environment allowing academically advanced students to live and study together, collaborate on ideas, participate in challenging research and pursue their academic goals. Learn more about the Freshmen Honors Living & Learning Community.

This community will prepare future world-changers for careers in a global marketplace through engaging activities and coursework with an international focus. It will culminate in a 3-week study abroad experience to an exciting location. Learn more about the Global Scholars Living & Learning Community.

The Mountaineer Leadership Academy is a four-year leadership community. As students progress through their freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior experiences at Schreiner, they develop specific qualities of leadership that will serve them in their programs of study while also providing them a foundation of leadership that can be applied to their future work and their contributions to society. Learn more about the Mountaineer Leadership Academy.

Get a strong start towards a career in nursing from the very beginning. With one-on-one advising and peer study groups, the Pre-Nursing Learning Community will set you up for nursing school success. This group will learn about careers within nursing (like pediatric nursing and trauma nursing), will learn life saving techniques like Stop the Bleed, and will discuss ethical issues that nurses confront. If you want to be a nurse, this group is for you! Learn more about the Pre-Nursing Learning Community.

Students who are serious about possibly pursuing a military career will be set up to succeed with the Air Force ROTC Learning Community.

This community intends to provide an enriching experience through exposure to the arts in a holistic context. Students can expect opportunities to experience performance and art as both audience and performer in music, dance, design, poetry and theater. Students will engage with art and performance both on and off campus and will explore how their experiences inform and shape their studies, their careers, and their communities. This is a living and learning community housed in the Trull Dormitory. Learn more about the Schreiner Creative Arts Alliance Living & Learning Community.

SONGKEEPERSThe Schreiner Songkeepers Learning Community is a freshmen community for aspiring songwriters (all majors welcome!) and anyone who loves music. This community is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to hone the skills to write and perform their first songs and master their craft. To that end, each student will prepare an original song for submission to the Kerrville Folk Festival’s University Students Songwriter’s Competition at the end of their first year together in the Learning Community. Students in this exciting and engaging fellowship will work with professional singer-songwriters who will consult with the students on their work, will be provided performance opportunities to showcase their work, and have their songs professionally recorded in Schreiner’s state-of-the-art music studio. Apply early –only a few slots available each fall!

Learn more about the Schreiner Songkeepers.

The Texas Learning Community

The Texas Learning Community will use the tools of the Texas Center-including Buffalo Gap Sound and Light Studios, State House Press, and Bear Leader Tours-to learn practical, real-world skills that will apply to nearly any major.

Learn more about the The Texas Learning Community.