Schreiner University Reports Zero New Cases of COVID-19

Surveillance testing negative for fourth week in a row

Kerrville, TX – Today, Schreiner University conducted its fourth week of surveillance testing for COVID-19 in accordance with the University’s published protocols. Under the direction of Peterson Health, the University conducted 54 student tests and 14 employee tests. These were rapid response tests that are statistically unlikely to return a false positive. After analyzing the tests at Peterson Regional Medical Center, all tests were negative.

“As I keep track of what is going on at other colleges and universities around the country, I am noticing that many of the colleges I’ve been watching have moved recently to quarantine situations because of a surge of infections among their student population,” said Dr. Charlie McCormick in a statement to campus. “We have been both fortunate and appropriately proactive in not letting that occur on Schreiner’s campus. For some, this is a signal that we should dramatically ease our safety protocols and restrictions; for others, it is a sign that we should ease nothing and keep doing exactly as we have been. As is almost always the case, the best answer is almost certainly somewhere in between these two positions.”

The campus remains closed to the general public at this time.

Schreiner University will continue weekly surveillance testing of both employees and students. More information on Schreiner University’s safety protocols can be found at

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