Schreiner University Announces Plans for Spring Graduation

Kerrville, TX – Schreiner University president, Dr. Charlie McCormick, announced the University’s plans for a Commencement ceremony for the graduating seniors of the Spring 2020 class. While Commencement was originally planned mid-May, a tentative date of Aug 14-15, 2020 has been set as the new dates for Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies.

Schreiner Graduate Proudly Walks During Ceremony“I am notifying you today that Schreiner University intends to hold its spring graduation ceremonies on August 14-15, 2020, on the campus of Schreiner University,” stated McCormick in an address to Schreiner students.“ Graduation ceremonies are one of the most important traditions on any college campus. For the individual graduating, Commencement marks both the earned accomplishment and the start of a new life. For the institution, Commencement is equally important as it marks the moment at which we will have to learn to live without a group of people (the graduating seniors) who had a profound and indelible impact on our personal and professional lives,” added McCormick. “For all these reasons, Schreiner has committed to coming together as a community in order to collectively celebrate all of our graduates’ successes. And though COVID-19 has complicated this commitment, we have not abandoned it.”

Using the latest information available, McCormick will again communicate with students on Jun 19 in order to confirm or to change these new dates. More information about graduation will be forthcoming after a decision has been made on June 19, 2020, about the tentative dates for Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises now scheduled for August 14-15, 2020.

“Our process has been to plan out eight weeks in advance as to what activities and events will and what will not be held on campus,” added McCormick. “The goal of this strategy is to provide people enough advance notice to be able to release dates if an activity will not be held or encumber dates if an activity will be held. This helps calendars operate effectively and efficiently.”

Please refer to for the most up-to-date information regarding activities at Schreiner University and the COVID-19 response.

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