Schreiner Salute presented to David Ponce and John Price

Schreiner Salute presented to David Ponce and John Price

The “Schreiner Salute” recognition for exceptional customer service has been awarded to David Ponce and John Price of Facilities Services.

A letter was received from an elderly husband and wife of the Kerrville community who were on campus to pick up their granddaughter. The letter reads:

“Just a note to say thanks to David and John of the maintenance group. My wife had a flat tire while picking up the granddaughter. While I wrestled with the lug wrench, David and John stopped and changed it for me. Speaks well of the University and your crew.”

“We’ve always believed in giving our customers our undivided attention and working with them until every aspect of their experience here on campus is extraordinary,” said Dr. Charlie McCormick, President of Schreiner University. “You achieved those goals and went above and beyond by tending to our guest’s situation with patience and courteous service. You have set a noteworthy example of Schreiner University and for that, we thank you”

The “Schreiner Salute” is named after Captain Charles Schreiner who created Schreiner Institute – now Schreiner University – in 1923. Because of his unparalleled devotion to this area, and to the people that lived here, he has been called “The Father of the Hill Country.”

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