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Schreiner University offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Marketing. The BBA in Marketing is structured to enable graduates to succeed in the competitive global and technology driven business environment. The degree specifically focuses on creativity, exhibiting high energy and enthusiasm, ethics, team building, oral and written communications, flexibility, and a diverse skillset hat are essential for careers in marketing.

The degree prepares students for entry-level sales, management, and research careers relative to services, industrial goods, and consumer products. Graduates are also prepared to pursue further study toward a graduate degree, such as an MBA. As with any professional program, the classroom component of the Marketing degree is greatly enhanced by direct experience in a business marketing environment. Accordingly, an internship program and field research opportunities projects expose students to the role that marketing plays in discovering the needs and wants of consumers, industrial buyers, and other customers, in order to provide services and goods that satisfy or exceed their expectations.

The program includes 42 hours in related advanced major field courses.
A Major in Marketing consists of the following upper level courses:

  • BSAD 3310
  • BSAD 4321
  • BSAD 4331
  • BSAD 4342
  • BSAD 4351
  • MKTG 3310
  • MKTG 3321
  • MKTG 3322
  • MKTG 3323
  • MKTG 4322
  • MKTG 4323
  • MKTG 4324
  • MKTG 4332
  • MKTG 4398

A Minor in Marketing consists of:

  • BSAD 1301
  • MKTG 2340
  • MKTG 3321
  • MKTG 3322
  • 6 hours from MKTG 4322, MKTG 4323, MKTG 4324 or MKTG 4332

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Program Coordinator

Dr. Daniel Coleman, DBA
Associate Professor of Business
Marketing | Academic Affairs

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