Launch of ‘Schreiner Experience’ Gives Students and Community Fully Integrated, Online Student-Success Experience

Schreiner Experience

Kerrville, TX – Schreiner University, a private university in Kerrville, TX, has launched their new virtual career and student success platform for their 1,300 undergraduate and graduate students and the wider community, known as the ‘Schreiner Experience.’

The Schreiner education is a holistic experience that prepares all students for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society. Integral to such a holistic educational experience are the offices of Meaningful Work, Purposeful Lives and Changing Global Society. While the work of each of these offices has always overlapped, the University decided that formally and intimately integrating the resources and support each of these teams provide would greatly enhance the student experience. And in our ever increasingly digital world, the three offices recognized that building the integrated student success experience online would lead to the most equitable access for all students and community members.

To help them build the new Schreiner Experience platform, Schreiner partnered with uConnect, makers of the first all-in-one virtual career center. Together they built the comprehensive, dynamic, and streamlined new platform that is the Schreiner Experience.

The new platform is organized into online ‘Communities’, a structure which allows students and other key members of the Schreiner community to find information, resources and opportunities specifically relevant to them. The Communities are broken down into audience groups such as ‘Undergraduate Students’, ‘Faculty & Staff’ and ‘Employers’; career interest groups such as ‘Education’ and ‘Health Professions’; affinity identity communities such as ‘First Generation’ and ‘LGBTQ+’; living & learning communities such as ‘Global Scholars’ and ‘The Texas Learning Community’; and finally, support communities such as ‘graduate school advising’ and ‘prepare for an interview.’

Within the Communities, visitors will find events, jobs, and internships pulled in through an automatic integration with Handshake; news, advice and highlights from the Schreiner community as well as from trusted content providers like The Muse and WayUp; key resources such as POUNCE and FOCUS2; career advisors and student organizations. The platform also highlights the Presidential Challenge Coin Series, a series of five coins to be earned by students from the time they Enter with Hope as a freshman until they graduate and Leave with Achievement.

“While the new platform serves as a highly accessible way for students to engage with career services, to find a work-study job, seek out volunteer opportunities, or gather information about traveling abroad, they are also finding ways to engage with other students on campus, reflect on how their experiences set them apart from others in their field, and meaningfully reflect upon and articulate how their experiences outside of the classroom have prepared them for their post-commencement lives,” says Wendy Blaettner, Director of the Schreiner Experience.

The new platform will also serve to proactively engage students through automatically customized newsletters which send only the new opportunities, events, and resources relevant to a student’s unique interests to their inbox. Just as no two student’s interests and affinities are the same, no two newsletters sent from within the platform are the same.

In the coming months, all Schreiner alums will have access to the Schreiner Experience platform, allowing them to leverage high quality career and life design support throughout their entire post-graduation journeys, and to volunteer for mentoring opportunities with Schreiner undergraduates.

“Schreiner students are fortunate to have such a thoughtful and committed team supporting them every step of the way,” says David Kozhuk, Founder and CEO of uConnect. “Schreiner’s dedication to creating a comprehensive and integrated student experience that examines all aspects of a ‘successful’ post-graduation journey is exemplary. We are proud to support them.”

The Schreiner Experience platform furthers Schreiner’s deep commitment to providing a personalized, integrated and holistic educational experience for every student. With the new platform in place, all students and community members will have equitable access to the wealth of high-impact resources and opportunities offered through the offices of Meaningful Work, Purposeful Lives and Changing Global Society, in turn increasing the success of each student and the entire Schreiner community.

To explore The Schreiner Experience platform, please visit Schreiner University at

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