Schreiner University offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology. Students may select from two distinct tracks (Cellular or Environmental) within the Biology degrees.

The Biology program is committed to the liberal arts tradition with emphasis upon biology as an area of free inquiry. Students are not expected simply to master current biological knowledge. Rather, they are encouraged and expected to understand biology as a dynamic body of knowledge. Methods of producing new knowledge and using concepts to further understanding are two major goals of the program. In addition, there is an emphasis on the interdisciplinary context of biology as a science.

Students majoring in Biology are expected to understand the philosophical foundations of science and the limitations inherent in all scientific knowledge. The Biology curriculum has been designed specifically to achieve these goals. Required courses include many of the subdivisions of the life sciences. Also included are a number of laboratory courses and some courses specifically designed to prepare students to carry out research in topics of special interest. Students who major in Biology may pursue postgraduate directions including education, industry, and graduate study. Graduate study may require additional coursework in biology.


Ryan Caesar, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biology
Life Science

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