Arts Management

The Schreiner University Visual Arts Department offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Arts Management and Administration. A student will learn the operational fundamentals of arts organizations, while also choosing a specialization in a specific arts area (music, theater, or visual arts). Graduates of this degree are prepared to seek entry level careers in areas such as development and donor relations, marketing, audience development, public relations, artistic programming, volunteer coordination, arts education, and advocacy.

This program will prepare a new generation of engaged managers who, through critical inquiry, creative thinking, and business and communication skills, will support the arts and entertainment industry in a changing global environment. Our program prepares students to combine the tools of business—management, marketing, financial accounting, operations, negotiation—with the tools of community-building—fundraising, development, education, outreach, volunteerism, partnership—to make thriving and vital spaces for arts and culture.

A Major in Arts Management and Administration consists of the following upper level courses:

  • ART 3340
  • ART 3360
  • ART 4352
  • ART 4397
  • ART 4398
  • BSAD 3310
  • BSAD 3320
  • BSAD 3331
  • MGMT 3350

A disciplinary minor in Arts Management and Administration is available and of benefit to those students seeking majors in the visual and performing arts.


Marcia McCulley, MFA
Instructor of Art and Design
Communication Design & Arts Management

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