Expanding Your Horizons in
Science and Mathematics

A day planned for girls in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in the Hill Country area to explore math and science as high school and college study possibilities.

Saturday, November 16, 2019
Schreiner University
Kerrville, Texas

Check-in: 9am – 9:45am
Conclusion end time: 4:30pm

Expanding Your Horizons

To challenge each girl, the day is filled with: Small classes talking about specific careers, such as veterinary medicine, animal research, stream ecology, occupational therapy, genetics, nurse practitioner, massage therapy, physical therapy and engineering, with a local woman who works in that field. Labs to provide hands-on time in areas such as cell biology, chemistry, forensic science, and computer science.


$35 (includes 5 labs, lunch, all conference materials, and T-shirt)


  • Registration opens September 11, 2019
    Registration closes November 8th, 2019
  • All registration must be completed online as there will be no paper from available to mail in.
  • Late Registration the day of the event will not be available.


9:00am: Check in

10:00am: Lab 1

11:05am: Lab 2

12:10pm: Lunch

1:00pm: Lab 3

2:05pm: Lab 4

3:10pm: Lab 5

4:15pm: Closing

4:30pm: Pick Up

Labs Offered

Animal Behavior: “It’s a Bug’s Life!”
Learn how roly polies sense their environment. Will they avoid? What will they be drawn to? Let’s find out!

Aquaculture: “Water Scientist”
Work with the professionals from Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District to conduct multiple mini experiments about water.

Astronomy: “The Big Ball in the Sky.”
Learn how to set up a telescope. What features of the sun can you see with a telescope? Let’s take a look!
*Seeing the sun is weather dependent.*

Biology: “Blood and Urine, Oh My!”
What are the doctors looking at when you provide them blood and urine samples? Analyze some (fake) blood and (fake) urine to see what all the fuss is about!

Chemistry: “I’m Up to My Acids and Bases.”
Learn about the properties of acids and bases. Make your own pH paper and test common liquids found in your house.

Engineering: “Let’s Crack an Egg!”
Test your (non) egg cracking skills! Can you construct the perfect nest for your egg so that it won’t break when you drop it from the second floor of a building?

Exercise Science: “Know Your Body.”
Learn about a career in exercise science. Learn how to conduct sport and fitness tests on our athletes!

Forensics: “CSI: Schreiner”
Walk around a staged crime scene and collect evidence. What does this evidence tell you? Can you solve the crime?

Graphic Design: “What’s in a Letter?”
Learn the basics of graphic design. Put your technology skills to the test to design your own alphabet on the computer.

Health: “The Hows and Whys of First Aid.”
Learn about the basics of first aid. Put your knowledge to the test to “treat” patients and put together your own first aid kit.

Mathematics: “Winning with Math!”
Learn how basic math can help you win games like Minesweeper. Let’s test your math skills at various games. Who said math wasn’t fun?!

Medicine: “Suture ‘em Up!”
Learn and practice your suturing skills from a provider in the Kerrville Community.

Physics: “Punkin Chunkin”
How accurate are you with a catapult? Launch your skills to the next level with pumpkins!

Public Health: “Public Health Through a Community Garden.”
Learn about public health and how gardening promotes a healthier you. Maybe even walk away with something fresh from the garden!

Technology: “What is a Code?”
Learn about the basics of coding and the jobs available for programmers. Use new and old coding skills to design your own game or website!

For more information, email expandingyourhorizon@schreiner.edu.

For Parents

Parking & Drop-off/Pick-up:
Wm. Logan Library area – see campus map

The conference will conclude by 4:30pm. Please pick up your child at that time.

Payment option will be available through online registration at the end through PayPal, and if you are unable to pay online, then a check must be mailed in.

If you choose to mail your payment…..

Please make checks payable to “Expanding Your Horizons” and mail to:

Schreiner University
CMB 6241
2100 Memorial Blvd.
Kerrville, Texas 78028

For more information, please email us at expandingyourhorizon@schreiner.edu

Sponsored by Schreiner University