2020 Update

As you know, the COVID 19 virus is unprecedented in the impact it is having across communities, businesses, hospitals, schools and universities. Schreiner is doing its part to help with mitigation and containment activities. Our first priority is the care and safety of our students, followed quickly by concern for our employees’ health and the community around us. The situation leaves us little choice but to move classes online, ask students to return home and suspend face to face activities and campus gatherings. It was our best intention to deliver an exceptional education and student experience. Using online teaching methods will allow our students to complete their semester and move toward graduation with as little interruption as possible in their coursework. This will be new for many students, so we will be offering support and tutorial services through a variety of digital communication methods.

We have worked through dozens of scenarios to maintain as normal an operation as possible. But, as you might suspect “normal” is not possible given the national and world situation. Know that we are working collaboratively with city and county officials as well with local and regional healthcare officials to navigate the daily changing waters of COVID 19.

Unfortunately, this also means we must cancel RECALL at least for the Spring. We are very saddened by this but feel that it is the best course of action at this time.

We know that COVID 19 is impacting everyone. We hope and pray that you and your families are safe. We will see this through and we know, when we are beyond this, that you will be standing beside us. You are important to Schreiner and our students. Please visit our main website at schreiner.edu for the most up to date information regarding Schreiner University and our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID 19, keep the campus a safe place and deliver a premier education so our students can achieve more.

Hayes, Paul

Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes
Alumni Development Officer