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Message to the Community

This has been a difficult week, not just for the Schreiner community but for our friends and families across the region and state.  Many of you have dealt with the challenges of power outages and the need to boil water, and still others of you have dealt with busted pipes and the damage that causes.  For others, the struggles have been even more challenging.  We all will be cleaning up from this extraordinary winter storm for some time to come, and your friends and families are likely to find themselves in a similar situation.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience and goodwill over the last several days as we’ve tried to get to the other side of this weather event.  I thank all the faculty who have continued working with their students even though they did not have the option of in-person classes since last Friday.  I thank our on-campus personnel who worked heroically during this storm:  security officers, residence life staff,  many of our facility workers, and many others–like someone who chaperoned the sleepover in the library where students could stay warm!–that I am only now learning about.  And I am deeply appreciative of the Chartwells crew that continued to provide food services under these challenging circumstances.  I know, too, because I have had a variety of reports and conversations over the last several days, that many of our staff continued their work from home under very, very difficult conditions.  And my profound thanks to all of the Schreiner students, too, who kept each other safe and secure under very difficult circumstances.

Starting today, the weather should be better (at least by afternoon), and we will have more staff on campus preparing for our return to operations on Monday.  Expect to see a variety of clean-up crews and work crews on campus over the next several days and weeks as we repair the damage that this winter weather caused.  Our full return to normal operations will not happen overnight, but we intend to start making progress towards that goal right away.

I know that some of you will need be at home this weekend to help your family and friends.  Please travel safely if this is the case since overnight freezing will continue and many roads will remain treacherous for days.  If it all possible, I encourage everyone to focus their weekend activities on recovery and restoration:  in your courses, in your infrastructure, and in your mental health.

There is a passage from the Old Testament book of Judges–Judges 14:14–that I have thought about often over the last week.  It is a moment from the life of Samson.  He is entertaining a group of friends at a feast when he presents them a riddle and dares them to solve it:  “out of the strong comes something sweet.”  I have not thought of this as a riddle this week, but as a commentary on the students and employees of Schreiner University.  You have been asked to be strong for the last several months and over the last week, in particular.  We are asking you to be strong for yet a while longer.  But it is my deep belief that it is your expression of strength that will provide us all something sweet when we reach the other side.  “Out of the strong comes something sweet.”


Charlie McCormick
Charlie McCormick, PhD
Presidents Office

Campus Closure Tomorrow and Course Information

Dear Students:

Schreiner University will remain closed Friday, February 19th, due to severe weather conditions. With continued freezing temperatures and more snow accumulation, no face-to-face classes will occur on campus tomorrow. Although power is being restored intermittently, many families remain without electricity, internet services, or running water. We are hopeful that when temperatures reach above freezing many of these basic services will be restored.

COURSES: Please make sure you reach out to your instructor in order to receive further information regarding class expectations. Since faculty and students are both impacted by the outages, patience and understanding are prudent at this time.

If you have not been able to connect with an instructor or with any one of your classes, please contact the Dean of Academic Support and Student Outcomes, Dr. William Woods (wwwoods@schrener.edu or at 830-792-7425). Outages have affected both students and instructors alike, and it is important we know who is unable to connect with their courses. If you are a commuting student or live off campus, it is particularly important to let us know if you have been unable to connect successfully with your classes.

Also, if you need help with your studies, please reach out to Dean Woods (see contact information above). We will be able to make arrangements so you can receive the academic support you need.

The remainder of Spring 1 will be a term of flexibility and adjustments due to the winter storms. Since this week we were unable to meet on campus for any of our regularly scheduled face-to-face classes, the remaining three Wednesdays of the Spring 1 term are available for your professors to make up for any lost face-to-face class time. Each professor will communicate his or her course expectations for the remainder of the term. Some classes have made arrangements already and have adjusted the syllabus accordingly, but for other classes it may be necessary to meet the remaining Wednesdays in order to complete course objectives. Our faculty are committed to your success and are aware that this week of severe weather has impacted each student differently.

CAMPUS SERVICES: Residence halls will remain open. The Dining Hall and Paws-n-Go will have a delayed start. Service will begin at 10:00 a.m. When you visit either the Dining Hall or Paws-n-Go, please be courteous and patient. Our food provider is maintaining our services, but due to travel restrictions, they are doing so on a reduced staff. We are grateful for their help.

SAFETY: Remember to be safe and to not travel while the weather remains below freezing. The road conditions are dangerous. Avoid any travel until the weather improves and the temperature is well above freezing.

What a week this has been! The sun will emerge soon.

Stay well and stay warm,

Travis Frampton
Travis Frampton, PhD
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of Religion and Philosophy
Academic Affairs/Provost Office

Campus Closure Friday 2/19/21

Dear, Schreiner Campus.

RE: Friday, February 19th

Due to inclement weather and hazardous road conditions on-campus classes will be cancelled and most campus operations will be closed. We request that employees stay home and refrain from coming to campus.

**Select Infrastructure Division employees and possibly employees from other departments may be asked to report to campus Friday and possibly Saturday to assist with restoring services in preparation of an expected campus reopening on Monday February 22nd, 2021.

Your supervisor will be in contact with you if you are indeed expected to report tomorrow and/or Saturday. If you have not been contacted we ask that you do not come on to campus on Friday or Saturday.

We will continue to monitor local weather conditions and will advise if necessary regarding campus operations for Monday February, 22nd 2021.

Stay warm and stay safe. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Rex Quick
Rex Quick
Vice President of Infrastructure and Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Services

Winter Storm – Campus Status

Like many of our neighbors across the state, Schreiner University has incurred facility and infrastructure damage due to the extreme winter conditions over the past several days. The issues that have caused the most impact were related to pipes that burst from freezing. In nearly every case, the problem occurred in a pipe that supplies water to fire sprinkler systems. Although the bitterly cold temperatures have not yet ended – so it is possible that still more problems might occur – the following is a current list of buildings and rooms that have been affected:

  • The fire sprinkler riser in the 4th floor of Baldwin Hall failed, causing flooding that affected floors below. A number of rooms in the west wing of the building incurred some degree of flooding. Rooms with significant damage include rooms 305 and 306. Rooms with minor damage but still needing repairs include 103, 104, 105, 106, 203, 204, 205, 206, 303 and 304.
  • Pecan Grove apartment complex had burst fire sprinkler pipes in buildings 2 and 3. The affected apartments in building 2 are 211, 212, 221, and 222. In building 3, the affected rooms are 315, 317, and 318.
  • Junkin Campus Ministry Center had a burst fire sprinkler pipe in the men’s restroom. The chapel, as well as men’s and women’s restrooms, were affected.
  • Cailloux Hall had a burst fire sprinkler pipe on the first floor in the north end of the building. Several offices and two classrooms were affected.
  • The Dining Hall had a burst domestic water line in the employee women’s restroom. Only the two back-of-house restrooms are temporarily closed for cleanup.
  • A domestic water line burst near the central laundry facility. Although no damage is reported, water supply is temporarily disabled to the Laundry and to the Texas Center.

Unfortunately, this situation has disrupted and displaced a number of students from their campus residences, several faculty from their offices, and even a few instruction spaces. We regret the inconvenience to our campus community, and pledge our diligent and timely efforts to recover these spaces to their full use as soon as possible.

Mitigation efforts are already underway, including emergency water extraction crews and equipment that will be on site throughout the weekend, and for several days in the coming week. Once the water has been extracted, construction crews will be making all necessary repairs to reverse the damage and restore the facilities. Any damaged furniture, fixtures, and equipment will be replaced. Although it is much too early to predict the date of completion of all these recovery tasks, we will minimize the time of disruption, and we will place highest priority on student residences. We ask your understanding and patience.

In many ways Schreiner campus has been more fortunate than our neighbors. The rolling blackouts that have plagued much of the community — and even the state — have left most of the campus unaffected.

Only the unfortunate residents of the Oaks III have experienced power outages. As of now, power has been restored, but please be mindful that more outages are still possible as the electric utility providers struggle to deal with unprecedented demand combined with critical equipment damage.

Similarly, while internet service providers have have suffered intermittent and sometimes lengthy failures over the past several days, Schreiner’s campus WIFI service has been uninterrupted so far.

Again, we are not completely out of the grips of this extreme weather, so interruptions in utility or telecommunications service are still possible.

You may continue to monitor this site for status updates until the recovery is completed.

Schreiner University Student UPDATE

Schreiner Students,

Over the past few days the entire state of Texas has experienced a historical weather event. Much of our community is without water and/or electricity and we are still recommending that people avoid driving.

The City of Kerrville is asking residents not to drink the water without boiling it first to be safe. For our on-campus students we will have potable water available in the CCAC. In the meantime, we are asking everyone to restrict electricity and water usage to assist the city in this time.

If you find yourself without power or in need of water we are opening the CCAC for students and will have water available in the lion’s den. We are also opening the MFC for students to have access to a hot shower.

Dining services will continue to operate on a limited basis. Please be patient with the dining staff and our meal service provider as they are operating with a reduced staff and are scrambling to make sure our students have access to hot meals.

Our Dean of Faculty, Dr. Bill Davis, is currently working with our faculty to create a plan to make sure we stay on pace academically. Please pay attention to your emails over the next few days for updates and remember to remain flexible.

Please note that we have a few more days of cold weather ahead of us and there is a chance we may lose electricity. Please prepare for this by keeping your devices charged so that you have access to information if and when a situation should arise.

It should also be noted that we are still in the midst of a pandemic, please remember to follow the university’s COVID protocols – socially distance and wear masks.

I am extremely proud of our staff and students who are stepping up to go above and beyond during this time. If you see a faculty or staff member on campus working you might take a moment to say thank you.

Go Mountaineers!