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In the founding spirit of Schreiner University that continues in to its 100th year in 2023, the TRAILBLAZERS experiences and programming embody, showcase, and celebrate the qualities of what it means to be “Uniquely Texan.” Signature events include spring’s Future Fest and the ongoing Trailblazers Series. With a nod to the past and eagerness to meaningfully craft the future, Trailblazers programming creates experiences and platforms for participants to proclaim their Uniquely Texan status.

“Inspired by the trailblazing pioneers who came before them, Schreiner University students chart new paths as they explore their futures. With grit and resilience, they grow intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually to positively impact their communities for generations to come. –the Schreiner University “Uniquely Texan” declaration.

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Trailblazers Future Fest

Spring – 10 April 2019 and 16 April 2020

The Trailblazers Future Fest 2019 programming includes panel discussions, experiential learning, and, presentations about what’s next in Food+Wellness; the Environment; Sports; and, Design from thought leaders, experts, and innovators….Read More

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The Trailblazers Series

Season One – Spring 2019

Schreiner University invites the best-in-class innovators and leaders to participate in The Trailblazers Series throughout each semester. Focused on immersive learning with practical and inspirational information shared by special featured guests who have stories to share about their unique experiences….Read More