SU Announces Judith and Jo A. Beran Award Recipients

Ninth year for the advancement of undergraduates in chemistry

SU Announces Judith and Jo A. Beran Award Recipients

L-R Juan Guerra, Dr. Vines, Cameron Kelly, Dr. Davis, Teah Tirey, Dr. Zapata, George Elliot, Prof. Zapata
Photo Credit: Mark Robertson-Baker

Kerrville, TX – Schreiner University’s professor of Chemistry, Dr. Kiley Miller, announced the 2018-2019 recipients of the Judith and Jo A. Beran Chemistry award. This year’s recipients were Cameron Kelly – General Chemistry award and Teah Tirey – Organic Chemistry award.

“The 2018-2019 academic year has come and gone, and we are excited to say that we are in our ninth year of the Judith and Jo A. Beran Endowment for the Advancement of Undergraduates in Chemistry,” said Miller. “On behalf of the whole Schreiner University community, we would like to thank both Judith and Jo A. Beran for their kind contribution to our student’s education.”

Cameron Kelly, the 2018-2019 recipient of the Judi and Jo A. Beran General Chemistry Award, has completed his first year at Schreiner University as a Chemistry Major with the hopes of either obtaining a graduate degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.

“I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Beran for my stipend that will help me through my time here at Schreiner,” said Kelly. “I am finishing up my freshman year pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. Next semester I will be taking Organic Chemistry and Quantitative Methods. I plan to pursue my masters in either Chemical or Mechanical Engineering or continue to pursue Chemistry. I would like to thank you for helping me pursue my education.”

Teah Tirey, the 2018-2019 recipient of the Judi and Jo A. Beran Organic Chemistry Award, has completed her second year at Schreiner University as a Chemistry Major and is growing in confidence in her technical abilities.

“When I received the organic chemistry award it helped me see my potential and know I’m doing the right things,” stated Tirey. “I am so grateful for this award. I really appreciate your belief in my abilities and in Schreiner’s Chemistry Department. I am a very competitive person and the whole year I was fighting to beat myself and to achieve the highest grade in hopes of receiving the award. I am so glad I could, and I really hope that it will mean as much to the future recipients as it does to me.”

The faculty of the Chemistry Department consists of Dr. Danette Vines, Dr. Greg Conway, Ms. Jasmyn Rosser, Dr. Adrian Zapata, Prof. Aleks Zapata, Dr. William Davis and Dr. Kiley Miller.

Past recipients are as follows:

Juan Guerra, 2017-2018, completed his second year at Schreiner University as a Chemistry Major anticipating a career as a Field Surgeon with the US Army.

George Elliot, 2017-2018, has completed his third year here at Schreiner University and has accepted a summer internship at the University of Missouri, where he will be working for a graduate research group that focuses on inorganic synthesis and design in order to solve growing energy problems.

Kara Miller, 2016-2017, graduated this past May with a BS Chemistry degree. She intends on pursuing a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medical School in Bradenton, FL this next year.

Tristan Adamson, 2015-2016, has completed his second year in his PhD program in Chemistry at the University of Missouri. He hopes to go into industry to explore sustainable industrial processes.

Camilla Anguiano Virgen, 2014-2015, continues to pursue a PhD in Chemistry at the University of North Texas graduate program. She is collaborating with the US Army and working with a portable mass spectrometer identify previously undetected mass graves.

Daniel Ketterer, 2012-2013, continues to pursue a Master’s in Mathematics with an eye towards a PhD in Interdisciplinary Applied Sciences and Math’s at Wright State University. He is using his education to pursue the human construct of society and how to make it better.

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