Schreiner University’s Theatre Dept Presents a Holiday Showcase The Old Campus Spirits

The Old Campus Spirits

Kerrville, TX – The Old Campus Spirits – a Schreiner University holiday showcase – performs on Thursday, Dec 15, and Friday, Dec 16, at 7:30 p.m. at the Junkin Ministry Building on the Schreiner University campus. Admission is free and the public is encouraged to attend. Seating is limited and is first come, first served.

The Old Campus Spirits is already in rehearsal and has been in the works for months, but the show’s origins go back several years. When Dr. Charlie McCormick assumed the role of Schreiner University president, one of his many goals was the creation of a campus holiday performance that could become a community tradition akin to the University Pantos – popular at schools in England and Scotland.

A Panto is a bright, festive show presented around Christmas filled with magic, fairy tales, romance, bright sets and costumes. In Europe, families were encouraged to come onto university campuses to enjoy the shows. They are still popular today.

As Schreiner’s performing arts team planned its programming, the idea of a holiday show was always on their mind. When the Winter term came into existence and the University was looking for academic and experiential programming, it became time to make the holiday show a reality.

Faculty from the music and theatre departments came up with the idea of a Holiday Performing Arts Showcase, a show that would present theatre and music in a holiday setting that Schreiner would be proud to share with the community.

“The Old Campus Spirit is a little Wizard of Oz and Little Charles Dickens and a whole lot of variety show,” said Jeff Cunningham, Director of Schreiner’s University Theatre. “In its own way it’s colorful too, but much of that color is maroon as the show is very much about Schreiner’s students, campus life and its philosophy of community.”

The story follows a freshman named Esperanza, who is stuck on campus with a dead car. She looks for help in her efforts to get home for the holidays. Not only does she find help, but she finds music too. At every step Esperanza and her friends discover musicians filling the campus with holiday cheer. In the end, Esperanza and her friends will learn important lessons about life, Schreiner and the spirit of Christmas.

The showcase includes performances from Schreiner’s choir, band, orchestra and Songkeepers. The cast is filled with dozens of student singers, actors and instrumentalist. They are joined by faculty and staff in minor roles throughout the show.

For more information email Jeff Cunningham, Director of Schreiner’s University Theatre, at

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