Schreiner University Honors Front-line Health Care Workers at Peterson Regional Medical Center

Schreiner University Honors Front-line Health Care Workers at Peterson Regional Medical Center

Kerrville, TX – The health care staff at Peterson Regional Medical Center have been dealing with a surge of COVID-19 related cases in the past several months. Enduring those hard days takes its toll on the morale and spirit of a staff. Schreiner University wanted to show that these front-line health care workers are appreciated and that their contribution to the community was invaluable.

To show their appreciation, Schreiner treated the entire staff to lunch. On Jan 14 and 15, Schreiner University brought two food trucks – Buzzie’s BBQ and Conchita’s Mexican Fusion – to the hospital and the hospital’s food service provided pizza to feed the staff of Peterson Health free of charge.

“Even though we’re (socially) distanced from one another at this time, we also keenly feel more connected to each other than ever before,” Schreiner University President Dr. Charlie McCormick said. “I believe Schreiner University’s ability to hold an on-campus semester in the fall and our intention to hold an on-campus semester this spring are only possible because of the extraordinary partnership with Peterson Health which has staffed our on-campus clinic, provided the majority of our COVID testing, and given us essential counsel as to how best to mitigate the impact of the virus. I wish Schreiner could offer a proportional service to our friends at Peterson, but they are the experts and the frontline workers who must manage the worst parts of this crisis for us. We can only show them our thanks right now with a lunch, but because of the work they’re doing today, we can turn our attention back to training the nurses and doctors and Peterson Health employees of tomorrow.”

“It’s a meaningful feeling to be very appreciated from the community,” Peterson Health President and CEO Cory Edmondson said. “This is just representative of another community partnership we have with Schreiner and we’ve been working with them this whole COVID-19 time. It’s just recognizing what Peterson and the staff have been through. The kindness shown to us by Schreiner University is something we will remember for a long time. Timing is perfect and something I think our staff really needed and deserved. We are truly grateful.”

With “thank you” banners displayed and music playing, the courtyard at Peterson Regional Medical Center was momentarily stress-free and festive while the staff of came out to have their lunch. The show of appreciation seemed to move the Peterson Health staff, as they took time to write notes of appreciation to McCormick and their Schreiner friends. Some examples of the notes left were “you have completely lifted our spirits” and “full hearts and full bellies! Thank you so much for thinking of us!”

While the future of the COVID-19 pandemic is unknown, Edmondson reiterated that Peterson Health is committed to “managing COVID-19 and not letting COVID-19 manage us” while continuing to provide compassionate care to Kerrville and surrounding areas.

Schreiner University is proud of the relationship with Peterson Health and tremendously grateful for what they do for the community – not just in this pandemic, but always.

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