Schreiner University Athletics is hosting competitions for Schreiner students at each home contest this season to win valuable prizes during half-time. Prizes range from $100 gift certificates to the University Bookstore, $1000 off tuition for a single semester, or free room for a single semester on campus.

Schreiner University students enter their names when they attend a home contest. Participants are randomly selected from those who entered. Those selected for the contest then have a chance to successfully complete a challenge – which varies based on the sporting event.

At the first basketball game of the season, sophomore Andrew Castaneda hit a layup, free throw, three-pointer, and half-court shot in 35 seconds to win the half-time competition. By completing all four shots successfully, he was able to pick an envelope, which contained a certificate for free room on campus for a semester. Andrew is a sophomore at Schreiner and is also a student-athlete on the Schreiner University Baseball team. 

Schreiner Athletics will be hosting the competitions at home contests, so Schreiner students are encouraged to get to the game and enter for a chance to win. The community is welcome to come out not only for the competition of NCAA Division III sports, but to also enjoy the half-time competition.

Congratulations to Andrew on winning free room for a semester and thank you to Schreiner University for their sponsorship of the in-game contests.