Schreiner Pickleball Rules

12 Rules & guidelines for playing pickleball

  • 1
    Begin your serve from the baseline using an underhand motion.
  • 2
    Ensure that your serve lands beyond the Kitchen area.
  • 3
    Direct your serve diagonally across the court to the opposite square.
  • 4
    Keep serving until you lose a point.
  • 5
    All shots must stay within the court boundaries.
  • 6
    Start each rally with the ball bouncing once on each side. The serve should bounce before the receiving team hits it, and the return of serve should also bounce.
  • 7
    Refrain from hitting the ball out of the air while positioned in the Kitchen or Non-Volley Zone.
  • 8
    Remember that if you’re standing on the Kitchen line, you’re within the Kitchen area.
  • 9
    Avoid any object coming off your body, such as clothes, sunglasses, or gum, from landing in the Kitchen after a volley.
  • 10
    After a volley, ensure that your momentum does not carry you into the Kitchen.
  • 11
    Points can only be scored by the serving team.
  • 12
    In recreational games, the objective is to reach 11 points with a win by a margin of 2.