Schreiner Launches Hill Country College Fund Campaign

Greg Appel named chairman for the 2022-2023 campaign

Hill Country College Fund

Kerrville, TX – Schreiner University has commenced the Hill Country College Fund Campaign for 2022-2023. The Fund is a program which Schreiner University raises funds to be used for tuition assistance for deserving students who have demonstrated need from Kerr and surrounding counties to attend Schreiner University. Greg Appel, Divisional President of Happy State Bank, has been named Chairman for the 2022-2023 Hill Country College Fund Campaign, and the Leadership Gifts Division Leader (Chair-Elect) is Larry Howard, Kerrville entrepreneur.

This year the Hill Country College Fund’s goal is $700,000. With a record Freshmen class and a 100% increase in incoming Freshman from the Hill Country, grants from the Hill Country College Fund are more critical than ever. The Hill Country College Fund has raised over thirty-two million dollars since 1992 and $725,000 last year, surpassing the goal of $700,000.

“The Hill Country College Fund allows me the opportunity to continue my education at a prestigious university close to my family,” said Bianca Rodelo, Schreiner University class of 2026. “I have the constant support of my parents as well as teachers who see me as more than another occupied chair. I am grateful for Hill Country College Fund supporters for all the opportunities you provide students who are just a stone’s throw away from a great university.”

Each year, many individuals, companies and foundations contribute to the Hill Country College Fund signaling they recognize the importance of supporting local students. The grants provided by the Hill Country College Fund directly benefit hundreds of local students and ensures they receive a quality education close to home. In addition, it redounds to the benefit of Kerr and surrounding counties because, in many instances, Hill Country students remain and work in the Hill Country after graduation.

“The Hill Country College Fund is essential to providing scholarships to our local Hill Country students, allowing them to receive a quality higher educational experience close to home,” said Greg Appel, Chairman for the 2022-2023 Hill Country College Fund Campaign. “Schreiner University provides a highly personalized experience which allows our students the opportunity to maximize their talents. Local businesses like ours benefit greatly from this talent pool, instead of losing our best and brightest to the big cities.”

“The Hill Country College Fund is truly a community initiative,” said Danielle Jenschke, Assistant Director of Development. This year over 50 individuals will work as volunteers to further the Fund’s campaign objectives. These volunteers come from across the community. Many are Schreiner University alums. Others currently serve on the University’s Board of Trustees or the University’s faculty and staff. Still, others are individuals who have no formal affiliation with the University but are impressed with the University’s academic initiatives and the value of the education it affords its students. “I am so thankful to the many donors and volunteers who make the Hill Country College Fund successful,” Jenschke added.

A kickoff dinner heralding the start of this year’s campaign is currently scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022, on the beautiful grounds just outside the Weir Academic Building on the campus of Schreiner University. The dinner is open to the public by RSVP only. Community members wishing to donate can do so at It is important to remember that donations to the Hill Country College Fund give area students access to a premier place of learning where they will find a personalized education that prepares them for meaningful work and purposeful lives. By donating to this initiative, one is investing in these deserving students’ lives and will feel a significant return on that investment in this community for years to come.

Should you wish to learn more about the Hill Country College Fund or to RSVP for the kick-off dinner, please call Sandra Nash at 830-792-7214 or

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