Schreiner and Kerrville Committed to Working Together

Town Gown Compact Signing
Town-Gown Compact with Schreiner University

Kerrville City Council ratifies the Town-Gown Compact

Kerrville, TX – The Kerrville City Council met Tuesday, Jul 9, at City Hall where a resolution authorizing the Kerrville Mayor, Bill Blackburn, to enter into a compact with Schreiner University – known as the Town-Gown Compact – was signed. City Council found it in the public interest to ratify the Mayor’s action of entering into the Town-Gown Compact with Schreiner University.

“We signed a compact agreement with the City and Schreiner University,” said Mayor Blackburn at the beginning of the City Council meeting. “We work together in a lot of ways, but this formalizes it and we hope it increases what we can do for Schreiner, what Schreiner can do for us and together what we can do for the City.”

The Town-Gown Compact establishes an ongoing relationship between the City and Schreiner University to work together to uphold values of cooperation and civil responsibility. Together, Schreiner University and the City of Kerrville can strengthen the educational, cultural and economic fabric of the community.

The Compact authorizes establishing and maintaining an active Town-Gown Task Force – including members representing the interests of the City and the University, collaborating to implement mutually beneficial activities identified by the Town-Gown Task Force – when approved by governing bodies of the City and University, issuing an annual Town-Gown Task Force Report indicating collaborative activity and progress and holding at least one joint meeting of City and University leaders per year to discuss common challenges and opportunities.

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