Nurturing Hope – Schreiner Student Attends
Peace Conference in Ireland

Noah Platt looking out over the Northern Coast of Ireland atop Fairhead. Taken by Carly Bagley.

Noah Platt looking out over the Northern Coast of Ireland atop Fairhead. Taken by Carly Bagley.

Kerrville, TX – The Rotary Club of San Antonio, The Rotary Club of Kerrville and Schreiner University sponsored Schreiner University student, Noah Platt, to attend Nurturing Hope – a residential summer school at the Corrymeela Centre in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. The summer school took place from Jul 15-22.

In 2019, Dr. Derick Wilson from Corrymeela, Northern Ireland was a Fulbright Scholar-In- Residence at St. Phillips College in San Antonio, Texas. He was invited to be the guest lecturer at the Labatt Distinguished Lecture Series at Schreiner University in Kerrville.  After this lecture, Dr. Wilson, and Schreiner Trustees Jack McGuire and Weir Labatt continued to meet and this friendship led to an invitation to attend the 2022 International “Nurturing Hope” Peace Conference.

Jack McGuire, also a member of Rotary Club of San Antonio contacted a representative of Rotary Club of Kerrville to see if they might be able to sponsor a Schreiner student to attend the Nurturing Hope Summer School. Schreiner leadership and Rotary Club of Kerrville leadership readily agreed to co-sponsor the student selected. Platt was selected from a group of applicants based on his interest and insights in conflict resolution and his aspirations to pursue international humanitarian work. Platt’s submission aligned with Rotary’s Peace and Conflict Resolution focus.

“I am interested in attending the Corrymeela Peace Conference because I want to take my experiences in conflict resolution here at Schreiner and learn how to take conflict and turn it around and bring parties closer together especially those of diverse cultures,” stated Platt in his application submission. “I believe a peace conference with an international context will help meet this objective which is extra critical as Schreiner seeks to become more diverse and inclusive. I hope to use my position in the Student Government Association to represent the student body and take what I learn at this conference and apply it to how Schreiner operates.”

“Rotary International has long been a promoter of peace and this summer school is a perfect fit with Rotary’s active engagement in promoting and facilitating peace,” said Marta Diffen, Special Assistant to the President at Schreiner University and President of Noon Rotary Club of Kerrville. “Rotary has 4 roles it articulates in promoting peace. Rotary and its members are: Practitioners, Educators, Mediators and Advocates.”

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