Schreiner University Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

Schreiner University Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

Computer Data Center to Aid in Research

Kerrville, TX –Schreiner University has joined researchers from across the globe in fighting COVID-19 by lending available computer processor cycles from its main server cluster to the Folding@home project.

Folding@home is a project focused on disease research that crowd-sources computer power to simulate protein folds. The Folding@home software allows anyone to share their unused computer power with the project, labs, and researchers that are involved with finding a cure for COVID-19. This combined effort has allowed the project to be more powerful than the world’s top seven supercomputers combined.

One project Schreiner has already participated in is project ID 14373-“FEP screening of protease inhibitors incomplex (MS0331 1-2264 RL)”. This project simulates COVID-19 proteins to learn about their dynamics and function. This research may help in identifying therapeutics to treat the virus.

Schreiner University is using computer cycles that would normally support students, faculty, and staff that would normally be on campus this time of year. The Schreiner University Technology Department recently increased their server computing capacity to support a new telephone system on campus, one which is not currently seeing as much use given the campus posture and global situation.

“The Folding@home project is a great opportunity to leverage unutilized processing power from our Data Center and deliver that power to the many researchers engaged in the rush to find a cure for COVID-19. I thank my talented staff for the idea and implementation, and grateful for the support of Campus Administration for allowing us to lend resources towards the fight against COVID-19.” -Rex Quick, Assistant Vice President of Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer.

Schreiner’s Folding@home team number is 260259. For more information about how anyone can participate go to

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