MAJOR – Management

Business Leadership

Schreiner University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. The degree program is designed to ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills they will need to be valued employees in consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, retail and services industries, nonprofit and charitable entities, governmental agencies, new ventures and family businesses.

This degree also provides a solid foundation for pursuing graduate studies in business, law and a variety of other disciplines. This program focuses on leadership skills and challenges students to develop the ability to plan, organize, make decisions, communicate and lead effectively in a variety of work settings. Coursework includes: principles of management, principles of leadership, public sector management, services management, borderless business, organizational behavior, human resource management, topics in management, directed study in management, and internship in management.

A Major in Management consists of the following upper level courses:

  • BSAD 3310
  • BSAD 4321
  • BSAD 4331
  • BSAD 4342
  • BSAD 4351
  • MGMT 3334
  • MGMT 3340
  • MGMT 3350
  • MGMT 4330
  • MGMT 4398
  • MKTG 3310
  • MKTG 3335
  • MKTG 3336
  • MKTG 3337

A Minor in Management consists of:

  • BSAD 1301
  • MGMT 2341
  • MGMT 3334
  • MGMT 3350
  • 6 hours from MGMT 3335, MGMT 3336, MGMT 3337, MGMT 3340 or MGMT 4330

Program Coordinator

Robert Kluting, MBA
Instructor of Business
Management | Academic Affairs

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