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The Songkeeper Coordinator will be responsible for directing and further developing the songwriting program at Schreiner University, which seeks to sustain and support songwriting as an indigenous art form in the Texas Hill Country, and to promote songwriting and live music performances on the Schreiner Campus, in Kerrville, and in the hill country region.


  • Serving as the coordinator, director, and mentor for the Songkeepers;
  • Recruit a new class of students each academic year meeting a recruiting goal as established by the Dean of Students and Director of Music;
  • Based on qualifications the Songkeeper may be required to teach up to a 6 hour course load per academic semester as appropriate (12 hours annually). Teaching at least one section of MUSC 1170 (Songkeepers) each academic semester, with a content focus on Songwriting;
  • Guiding songwriting students toward on and off campus experiences that include,    1) support/training of musical skills (voice and instrument), 2) development of story telling and lyric writing techniques, 3) exposure to successful songwriters, and 4) experience in other aspects of production such as digital recording, sound tech, and promotional activities;
  • Continuing to produce ongoing music event programs, including:
    • Music at the Mansion  (MATM),
    • Music and Conversation  (M&C),
    • 1 campus wide Songkeeper showcase per academic semester; and
  •  Taking on additional production responsibility for other music event programs
    • Sunday Afternoon Songwriters series at Trailhead Stage
    • Coffeehouse Music Series
  • Negotiating and/or performing final review of entertainment/performance contract terms, including all riders for all events under the Songkeepers program.


  • Must have a valid Texas driver’s license, related insurance and good driving record.
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree, with masters or doctorate preferred
  • Must have experience in songwriting and performing live music