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This is a responsible, non-supervisory position. Duties include patrolling an assigned area, generally by vehicle, to prevent crime, enforce laws, field routine complaints and take appropriate action on such complaints.


  • Carry out all lawful orders and instructions promptly.
  • Utilize as much of the working day as possible on routine patrol at the times and places accidents of crimes are most likely to occur.
  • Answer all questions asked (or make proper referrals) about police or public safety activities in a courteous manner.
  • Manually direct traffic when hazards of congestion make such action necessary, make and enforce emergency regulations, issue traffic violations.
  • While on patrol, look for road and vehicle defects that may cause an accident or traffic delay and take immediate action to remove the hazard or remedy the defect.
  • While on patrol, stop all traffic law violators detected.
  • Ticket those violators stopped who should be ticketed and warn those who should be warned.
  • File charges only after establishing, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the subject committed the alleged act and the sufficient, competent, admissible evidence can be produced to support a conviction.
  • Conduct a general patrolling of the campus, giving special attention to people that speed and illegally park their vehicles.
  • Perform all duties in a professional manner, conduct self in a professional manner and accept the office as a public trust.
  • Always keep in mind the objectives of Security Enforcement and of this Department and design activities toward their attainment.
  • Refrain from discussing security matters with non-security personnel. Maintains the highest level of confidentiality.
  • Patrols assigned area, by vehicle or on foot, to prevent crimes and enforce laws and ordinances. Conducts security checks on campus and student residential housing areas on patrol route.
  • Responds to emergency calls, routine complaints, and/or disturbances and takes action as necessary.
  • Keeps records of activities and makes reports concerning crimes, complaints, accidents and investigations.
  • Shares information and works well with other law enforcement agencies as directed and as appropriate.
  • Report for duty, on time, ready for work with equipment and uniform in good, clean, working condition.
  • Work a full shift as assigned and as much more time as necessary to satisfactorily complete a task.
  • Maintain University safety rules.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Prior security experience with general knowledge of security laws and regulations
  • Possess the ability to write a complete and legible report.
  • Ability to work nights and weekends
  • Ability to lift minimum 25 lbs and in certain situations have the ability to exert physical activity in the event of disturbances, etc. Meet physical requirements of the position to carry out duties.
  • Successfully pass a satisfactory background check
  • Successfully pass the Level One exam of the Texas Board of Private Investigators and Securities Act. (Provided by the University)
  • Successfully pass the Level One and Level Two exam of the Texas Board of Security (Provided by the University)
  • Work well with all constituents.
  • Must have a valid Texas driver’s license, related insurance and good driving record.
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