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Reporting to the Dean of Academic Support, the Director of Learning Support Services/Section 504 Coordinator provides oversight, direction and participation as needed in all aspects of the Learning Support Services Program, including:  interpreting program to counselors, parents, students and faculty; helping recruit and admit students to program; counseling students, tutors, faculty; assisting in budget building and control; developing and providing appropriate materials and methods for academic success of students.

The position is responsible for ensuring institutional compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 by receiving, evaluating, and implementing requests for academic adjustments/auxiliary aids for students with qualifying conditions and by reviewing institutional policies and procedures and recommending modifications as necessary.

Some teaching responsibilities may be required.


  • Train, supervise and evaluate LSS staff.
  • Oversee all LSS support and Section 504 accommodations year-round, including Winter terms, May terms, and summer school sessions offered by the university.
  • Screen and select new LSS students: interview prospective students, interpret psycho-educational test results and psychological evaluations, make decisions regarding admission of students.
  • Supervise Coordinator of Tutoring Services in regard to major aspects of tutoring, assist in tutor training, consult with tutors about students’ problems.
  • Faculty consultation: help increase faculty knowledge and understanding of students with qualifying conditions by preparing in-service presentations; work with faculty in maximizing instructional strategies and resolving problems with individual students.
  • Prepare reports, summaries, memoranda as needed.
  • Develop, modify and implement a variety of relevant policies and procedures necessary to ensure timely, efficient and appropriate delivery of services and academic accommodations.
  • Teach two classes (6 hours) in appropriate discipline each long semester (Fall and Spring) if required.
  • Serve on institutional committees.
  • Provide personal support and academic counseling to students.
  • Interact with students’ parents as needed.
  • Assist with recruiting: respond to telephone inquiries from prospective students, parents, educational consultants, high school counselors, etc.; travel and attend designated conferences and conventions to promote the LSS program, and interview interested parents and students; help plan and execute promotional literature and display formats.  Work closely with Admissions office in recruiting and selecting students.
  • Evaluate requests for academic adjustments/auxiliary aids from eligible students with disabilities by reviewing medical and psychological documentation provided by student and determine reasonable and appropriate academic adjustments/auxiliary aids.
  • Oversee implementation of approved academic adjustments/auxiliary aids, working with individual faculty members and community agencies as necessary. Follow-up with students to assure that academic adjustments/auxiliary aids are acceptable and make modifications as necessary.
  • Participate in budget building and control process as required.
  • Maintain college office safety: ensure that all filing cabinet drawers are shut when not in use, cords are not across floor without being securely fastened down, all walkways remain clear in the office and hallway with no items hanging off edges or coming out from under the tables, and that chairs are placed in unobtrusive areas.  Ensure that any liquids or foods that are kept in the office are not placed within any office equipment area so as not to accidentally damage equipment.
  • Communications: facilitate good communications between employees, students, and management through interpersonal and professional communication techniques.
  • Maintain the highest level of confidence concerning all matters in the LSS office.


  • Attendance at various institutional functions (e.g Schreiner Saturday).
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Education or Psychology or related field from an accredited institution.
  • Experience in the administration and interpretation of psychological and educational testing.
  • Three years experience in program administration.
  • Three years experience teaching at secondary or post secondary level.
  • Must have a valid Texas driver’s license, related insurance and good driving record.


  • Counseling training/experience extremely helpful.
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.
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