IDST 1301 Freshmen Studies

At Schreiner University our Freshmen Studies course is designed to introduce incoming college students to the academy of research, scholarship, thought, and knowledge. To do this we focus our attention on intentionally educating our students about the tools and resources available to them at the university that will help them be successful. In this class, students learn about the Schreiner community and where they fit within the community in the areas of academic focus, personal responsibility, and university engagement.

This course is one of the Schreiner Core Courses fulfilling the skill and resource use requirement of all degree plans.

Following the different modules of the class:

  • Module 1 (You and Your University)
  • Module 2 (Student Success Strategies)
  • Module 3 (Grit and Resilience)
  • Module 4 (Common Experience)
  • Module 5 (Focus Forward)

We focus on achieving the following goals:

  1. Students will understand what it means to be a student at Schreiner University
  2. Students will understand the academic expectations and rigor of the University
  3. Students will understand how to engage as a member of the Schreiner Community
  4. Students will understand the personal responsibilities of being a student at the University