Project Description

Penelope R.

Penelope R.

Hometown: Kerrville, Texas

Classification: Freshman

Major: Undecided

Why did you choose Schreiner?
Because it was close by and seemed like a good school with a nice environment.

How has Schreiner helped you reach your goals? 
Well I’m only a freshman so I have not reached any of my college goals yet.

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?
It’s not as crazy as you think. Like going to college seems like a big deal (it is), but it is also very fun. Don’t worry too much everything falls into place.

Favorite study spot:
Just my dorm.

Favorite restaurant in Kerrville?

What RSO are you in and why did you join?
I do not fully remember what that is. But I think I didn’t join one? I’m in global scholars, I joined because I would enjoy traveling.