Natasha M.

Natasha M.

Hometown: Mabank, Texas

Classification: Senior, Junior Nurse

Major: Nursing, Religion

Why did you choose Schreiner Nursing?
Because Schreiner had both of the degrees I was hoping to attain, and it was a Christian school, and this was something that I really valued.

How has Schreiner helped you reach your goals?
Mostly the professors that have supported me and encouraged me to be great no matter what the circumstances! I am so thankful for the select few that really make it about the students and make sure there are no obstacles for success.

What advice would you give to an incoming nursing student?
Don’t get behind on your reading. If you are struggling, ask your professors for help early on so that they can help you find a new way to study and be successful. No one is going to hand you a nursing degree, you will have to work for it, be a good time manager, get a planner and plan your time out weeks in advance. Let no time be wasted. Do something for yourself each week.

Where is your favorite study spot?
My House, or STEMZONE

What area of nursing are you interested in working when you graduate?
The Emergency Room – Trauma Medicine and Medical Missions

What nursing student organization have you joined and why did you join?
TNSA, because it is important to be plugged in to an organization that is affiliated with your area of study and eventually the area of nursing that you choose to go in to. It will keep you updated with developments and work for you with your legislators.

Favorite campus events?
Alpha Sigma Alpha, even though I am an Alum