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Matthew W.

Matthew W.

Hometown: Kingwood, TX

Classification: Junior

Major: Exercise Science pre-professional physical therapy

Why did you choose Schreiner?
I choose Schreiner because throughout my recruitment process to either run track or play football in college, I felt like Schreiner wanted me more than any other university. I felt like I had a home before I even came here.

How has Schreiner helped you reach your goals? 
I aspire to become a high school science teacher and track coach and Schreiner has helped me with that goal by providing me oppritunities to student teach in the school of education and by being a team manager for the cross country team allowing me to plan workouts and facilitate practices and meets as a coach would.

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?
As a mountaineer mentor I do tell all of my freshman to get involved in anything and everything that sounds fun on campus because they already pay for it so might as well take advantage of it.

Favorite study spot:
I actually prefer to study in my apartment because I get distracted in other places to easily.

Favorite restaurant in Kerrville?
Bumdoodlers without a doubt.

What club, sport, activity, program, are you in and why did you join? 
I am on the track team because I like to compete for this school to the best of my ability in whatever events gives our team the most chance of success. I am a mountaineer mentor to help the freshman in the transition to adulthood and to help them become the best versions of themselves that they can be. I am in the young republicans club because I have a lot of aligning values with the republican party and I want to be more aware of the political arena and how I can help better our country’s future.

Favorite campus events?
My favorite events on campus are the SAB events because they are fun, free, and bring the whole campus together.